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What Is Quantum Healing?

Utilizing Quantum Energy Fields for Reducing Work-Related Stress

Stressed at Work
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Stress can be one of the most damaging factors to our health. We so often concern ourselves with how to better take care of our bodies, after all, we care about our health, but what about our energy? Different aspects of life can affect our energy from EMFs and our time on our screens  to certain emotions and even people that drain our energy. Could the answer be quantum healing?

It seems like twice a year some new food or activity that was once healthy is said to be bad for your health. We may stop eating eggs or switch up our favorite exercise routines but we don’t look at how certain things can affect our energy. As we become more aware of energy as a community, we are getting more accustomed to new modalities of healing like quantum energy healing. 

What Is Quantum Energy Healing?

Quantum energy healing is a form of energy healing. Similar to reiki, qigong, or pranic healing, quantum energy healing involves exposure to a pure form of energy. These various forms of energy healing are about exposing your body to a special form of energy that helps ensure the proper flow of energy throughout your body. 

Quantum energy healing is different from these traditional healing modalities because these forms of healing involve a person channeling energy and then exposing it to another person. There have been studies into the efficacy of these modalities. Reiki is a common therapy that’s being used in conjunction with pain management and palliative care.    

There have even been studies into the potential for quantum entanglement between healers and the people they’ve healed. These forms of healing are often called biofield healing as they are becoming more common. They are named biofield healing because they address the health of your bioenergetic field vs. your body. 

Quantum energy healing is similar in that it does help your biofield and help with proper energy flow. With quantum energy healing you are either exposed to a fixed area of pure quantum energy. This not only will increase your energy and raise your vibration, it sets the energetic level of a space.

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Utilizing Quantum Energy Fields for Reducing Work-Related Stress

When you set the tone of a work space it can help you be more productive. Some people have plants in their cubicle or family photos on their desk. You might install a small fountain or use scented candles to help establish the general vibe of your space. You can use design or decoration to help create the tone for your work area and surround yourself with treats that can help give you a midday boost. 

Similarly, you can set the energetic tone of your space. With Quantum Upgrade, you can establish a high vibrational quantum energy field for your workspace. You can set it up in your office, collection of offices, or even around yourself. 

The idea of establishing a quantum energy field is that you set a high vibrational quantum energy tone for the space. Quantum energy flows into that area offering pure positive energy. So many things can drain our energy from the toxic free radicals that put our body’s cells under stress to the electromagnetic fields of our devices. 

EMFs expose our bodies to draining and potentially toxic levels of radiation. While a natural part of life, especially at work, quantum energy fields can neutralize EMFs and ensure that they don’t negatively impact your health. Not to mention, they ensure that no matter how many electrical devices there are in an area they don’t impact how you feel. 

Not everyone in your work environment approaches the stressors of work with a positive attitude and helpful solutions. People can work through lunch, double up on caffeine and wonder why their energy is depleted. This can often lead to people operating from a negative energetically and expecting you to pick up the slack. 

With quantum energy healing, you can address this negative energy from the get go. By having a space of pure positive energy you’ll naturally increase your body’s energy. Quantum energy fields have been shown to increase cells’ ATP output. ATP is the main form of energy of cells and quantum energy can increase ATP production by 20-29%. That means rather than manufactured energy from stimulants you can get pure positive energy. 

Additionally, this higher vibrational level of energy ensures that you are out of lower range negative emotions. Dr. David Hawkins created a scale for human emotions with certain lower vibration emotions like Guilt and Shame at the bottom with Peace, Love and Enlightenment at the top. A quantum energy field can ensure that you maintain a fixed higher vibrational level. 

By choosing a quantum energy field for your workspace you ensure that your office is operating from a “higher” emotional state. This is, in part, due to the pure flow of quantum energy in the space that can help boost people’s moods and attitudes ensuring that not only are they working happily that they’re working as their best selves. For more information on the Hawkins scale sign up to receive a free ebook here

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Rather than relying on treats like ping pong or a second cup of coffee, you could enlist a quantum energy field to set the tone for your work area. This cuts down on a lot of draining parts of the workplace like negative moods, anxious energy, and scattered chaotic energy. 

Not to mention, so often our attempts to “fix” how we feel at work do more harm than good. When we overindulge in caffeine, we end up depleted, jittery, and dehydrated. When we try to distract ourselves from work we can pull focus. 

A quantum energy field can help by just ensuring there’s a general positive flow of energy, ideas, and workflow. 


We spend so much time at work we can try to make it feel like home. Why not do this energetically to ensure that you feel the best you can while at work. Rather than relying on external factors, you can use quantum energy healing to ensure that you’re working at your best when in your work area and inspire your coworkers with a literal boost of pure quantum energy.