Research Quantum Energy Field

Gaining the trust of our customers is very important to us from the benefits and methods. That’s why we have had our services tested by independent institutes, doctors, and labs worldwide: with truly phenomenal results. 

While we work closely with people who can see and assess the energetic, physical and spatial advantages of our products precisely, we would like to offer to everyone, the scientific tests and studies that demonstrate the effectiveness and quality of Quantum Upgrade subscriptions on overall well-being and 5G EMF protection. 

Our tests and studies go far beyond the topic of electromagnetic radiation (e.g. measurements of mental and body energy, organ function, neutralization of radioactive particles, pesticides, herbicides, etc.). We would like to emphasize the topic of electromagnetic radiation/electrosmog, as it has become increasingly relevant in the last few years.

With a bio-energetic technology like that of Quantum Upgrade, which works at the subatomic level, there is a way to recognize that it works.

ATP Production Study: Cellular Energy Production Via Quantum Charging

By Dr. Robert Sheaff

“It can be clearly noted that the shift towards up-regulation in ATP production rates is a consistent function in all of the quantum charged cells, which is in stark contrast to the uncharged cells. ATP production rates jumped consistently in all treated groups by 20-29%.”

“This demonstrably shows from an evidentiary standpoint that the impact on cellular energy production via quantum charging has profound implications and more broadly that there is definitive non-local interaction occurring in biological systems.”

“An increase in cellular energy output in excess of 20% over baseline allows a person to have more resources at their disposal biologically across all domains. It can better people help heal from injuries, stave off diseases, allow for better mental processing and greatly enhanced athletic performance.”

Darkfield Microscopy: Neutralize and Harmonize the Negative Effects of the EMF on Humans

Study by the BESA Institute in Austria

The study by the BESA Institute in Austria has clearly shown that Quantum Upgrade is capable of significantly harmonizing biologically significant stress factors in the living blood of the tested humans. 

“Using dark field microscopy, the effect of the stress factors on the test persons and their living blood as well as their biological control circuits was questioned and tested on the physical level. The BEFORE – AFTER darkfield microscope comparisons of the live blood show significant changes. The images of the darkfield microscope confirm the stress produced by the tested factors and, more importantly, how the living blood changes into more vital or body-immanent and biocompatible visible values after the application of the Quantum Upgrade.”

Neutralize and Harmonize EMFs in the Electric Cars

Study by the BESA Institute in Austria

The study by the BESA Institute in Austria has clearly shown that Quantum Upgrade is able to neutralize and harmonize biologically significant stress factors from EMF in the electric vehicle such as WLAN, Bluetooth, 3G, two connected smartphones of the generations 4G and 5G as well as transmission masts at the acupuncture points of the test persons. Via the bioenergy-informative system analysis, the effect of the above-mentioned stress factors on the test persons, their meridian systems, and their energy-informative-biological control circuits was questioned and systemically tested on the energy-informative level. You can get a Quantum Upgrade subscription for EMF protection cars.

The BESA BEFORE – AFTER tests show significant changes at the tested acupuncture points at the meridian system of the test person. The measurement data, as well as their key figures, confirm, on the one hand, the stresses caused by the tested factors on the human organism and clarify, on the other hand, how after the application of the test object “Quantum Upgrade,” the deregulating energies are transformed into body-immanent and biocompatible energies.