Research Quantum Energy Field

Gaining the trust of our customers is very important to us from the benefits and methods. That’s why we have had our services tested by independent institutes, doctors, and labs worldwide: with truly phenomenal results. 

While we work closely with people who can see and assess the energetic, physical and spatial advantages of our products precisely, we would like to offer to everyone, the scientific tests and studies that demonstrate the effectiveness and quality of Quantum Upgrade subscriptions. 

Our tests and studies go far beyond the topic of electromagnetic radiation (e.g. measurements of mental and body energy, organ function, neutralization of radioactive particles, pesticides, herbicides, etc.). We would like to emphasize the topic of electromagnetic radiation/electrosmog, as it has become increasingly relevant in the last few years.

With a bio-energetic technology like that of Quantum Upgrade, which works at the subatomic level, there is a way to recognize that it works.