Abundance Bundle

Note: A frequency bundle can only be added by an existing subscriber, because it contains add-on features for the actual Quantum Upgrade services.

  • Abundance Frequency
  • Prosperity Frequency
  • Gratitude Frequency
  • Agni Power Frequency
  • Select Any Frequency At Any Time


The Abundance Frequency Bundle is designed to support you in creating a state of inner abundance, satisfaction,  and prosperity, helping to transform inner deficits, so inner abundance, prosperity, heart opening, and satisfaction can radiate from the inside out. That eventually leads to more abundance, prosperity, heart-opening and true satisfaction into all aspects of your life because this is how the universe works. What you are/think/radiate in the inside reflects on you on the outside. It’s also great for helping you feel more grateful for what you already have and for supporting your body’s vitality ability.

The Abundance Frequency Bundle includes such frequencies as Abundance, Prosperity, Gratitude, and Agni Power. You can use the frequencies in various ways: once a day or once a week; at different times of the day; and occasionally or regularly, depending on what feels right for you.

The Abundance Frequency can help you to create inner abundance, which establishes outer abundance. 

The Prosperity Frequency helps to remove blockages and barriers that prevent us from being in tune with the money flow.

The Gratitude Frequency invites you to get into a state of gratitude which is a wonderful and helpful state of vibration. It allows us to be more at peace with ourselves and our lives, and it opens up inner creativity channels so that we can easier hear the voice of our hearts and other people’s hearts.

The Agni Power Frequency stimulates the heart chakra to bring your love to work as a transformative force in your life.

Once you’ve purchased the Abundance Frequency Bundle, all four frequencies are available to choose from at any time—so if you need an extra boost of prosperity today but want to focus on gratitude tomorrow, it’s totally up to you!

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  1. inna

    So we were having an extremely slow day today at the Sarasota Farmers Market and I get the email about quantum upgrade adding in the specfic frequency sets to the energy. So I of course sign up right away, as I have been waiting for the release, and turned on the Prosperity Frequency foy my Field for Business and gave us a boost. Ended the day with our second best sales on record for that day and market. This stuff truly has some impact.

    Purchase not verified. Find out more

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