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Abundance Bundle

From: $10.00 / month

Note: The frequency bundle is only available for current subscribers since it includes add-on features for the Quantum Upgrade services.

  • Abundance Frequency
  • Prosperity Frequency
  • Gratitude Frequency
  • Heart Chakra Power Frequency
  • Self-Love & Partnership Frequency
  • Select Any Frequency At Any Time
  • Unity Frequency

what to expect from

Abundance Bundle

The Abundance Frequency Bundle is designed to support you in creating a state of inner abundance, satisfaction,  and prosperity, helping to transform inner deficits, so inner abundance, prosperity, heart opening, and satisfaction can radiate from the inside out. That eventually leads to more abundance, prosperity, heart-opening and true satisfaction into all aspects of your life because this is how the universe works. What you are/think/radiate in the inside reflects on you on the outside. It’s also great for helping you feel more grateful for what you already have and for supporting your body’s vitality ability.

The Abundance Frequency Bundle includes such frequencies as Abundance, Prosperity, Gratitude, and Agni Power. You can use the frequencies in various ways: once a day or once a week; at different times of the day; and occasionally or regularly, depending on what feels right for you.

The Abundance Frequency can help you to create inner abundance, which establishes outer abundance. 

The Prosperity Frequency helps to remove blockages and barriers that prevent us from being in tune with the money flow.

The Gratitude Frequency invites you to get into a state of gratitude which is a wonderful and helpful state of vibration. It allows us to be more at peace with ourselves and our lives, and it opens up inner creativity channels so that we can easier hear the voice of our hearts and other people’s hearts.

The Heart Chakra Power Frequency stimulates the heart chakra to bring your love to work as a transformative force in your life.

The Self-Love & Partnership Frequency supports and amplifies your efforts of self-discovery, allowing you to make a leap in these so important aspects. If you already have a relationship, you can use this frequency to help gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of yourself as well as your partner. The Self-Love & Partnership frequency can provide the necessary impulses to build a strong, loving foundation between two partners that leads to lasting and meaningful relationships. It all starts with loving yourself, though. 

Not in an ego-focused way, but truly acknowledging, respecting, listening to and supporting yourself in a loving manner. Do what fills you with joy, make decisions that aid you, and seek peace with your shadows. The more we can do this authentically, the more we can invite and allow the outside world to surprise us with better relationships and a partnership that is based on truth, love and joy.

Unity Frequency is specifically designed for people that want to develop further from polarity and more into unity. That is not suggesting that polarity is bad. What’s unhealthy, though, is when we get stuck in polarity and also, as a species, “celebrate” polarity in the way it’s been happening on Earth for such a long time. The golden age, the new time, or whatever you want to call it, is about healing and leaving behind the old games of polarity and the wounds it has created. 

The Unity as a cosmic aspect is something that is hard to explain, but it can be felt. It can be translated as “oneness”. While it’s obvious that there is polarity wherever we look, there also is always unity within us because we’re all part of “spirit” (what the shamans call it). It can be called many things of course, but it is still always the same. If we can manage to expand the “Unity” aspect within us, we get closer to our core, our higher self, and can more and more detach ourselves from polarity games. We can then still play those “games” if we choose, but without the need to play them or be stuck in them.

Once you’ve purchased the Abundance Frequency Bundle, all six frequencies are available to choose from at any time—so if you need an extra boost of prosperity today but want to focus on gratitude tomorrow, it’s totally up to you!

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The Abundance Bundle is a collection of frequencies designed to enhance your inner state of abundance, prosperity, gratitude, and self-love, thereby positively influencing your external life.

Anyone looking to enhance their sense of internal abundance, remove prosperity blockages, foster gratitude, or deepen their self-love and relationships may find the Abundance Bundle beneficial.

The frequencies can be used in various ways — daily or nightly, at different times of the day, regularly or occasionally. It’s flexible and can be tailored to what feels right for you.

The Abundance Frequency aims to create a sense of inner wealth that reflects in external abundance, helping to establish a prosperous life.

Engaging with the Gratitude Frequency helps you enter a state of thankfulness, which can improve peace, creativity, and overall satisfaction with life.

This frequency stimulates the heart chakra, encouraging love to work as a transformative and healing force in your life.

It’s focused on fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of yourself and, if applicable, enhancing the foundation and quality of your romantic relationships.

To subscribe, you need to purchase the Abundance Bundle. Once purchased, all included frequencies will be available in the ‘My Account’ section, under the ‘Frequencies’ field of your subscriptions, ready for you to use as needed.


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