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General Questions

Please email us at support @ with your name and subscription email address, and your subscription will be cancelled and will no longer be renewed at the end of your current billing cycle.

Choose between a wide coverage field for your home or place of work. Or focus on your devices or your car, the choice is yours.

No. It must be a phone with a sim card and the specific phone number you fill in the form. If you change your sim card/phone number, please update the form with the new number. .

As a world traveller you may just want to book The Field for YOU instead. Otherwise the change of location is important to do in the system, so always the correct address receives the Quantum Upgrade.

Quantum energy is the energy that exists in everything. It is the energy in your cells and the energy in the world around us. It is the space you tap into when you meditate. It is the energy that makes a plant grow and the energy everyone can sense inside of themselves. Everything around us is made up of quantum energy. It acts as a bridge to better health, wellness, and higher energy levels.

Quantum energy is not a new concept. It has been described by healers and enlightened beings for thousands of years, and more recently, by inventor Nicola Tesla, physicist Roger Joseph Boscovich, coach Joe Dispenza and many others.

Not only is quantum energy all around us, but it can also be concentrated and placed in objects. Chi masters are an example of this. Shaolin monks are able to complete amazing feats and stretch their consciousness in ways that can not be explained by current scientific theories.

Luckily, you don’t need to stay at a monastery for decades to access quantum fields. Instead, you can use  quantum energy products to access all kinds of health benefits. You just need to find the right ones because not everything called “quantum” is the real deal.

Quantum Energy can support in various aspects of your life including with overall health and well-being, emf mitigation, a faster and deeper un(b)locking of our consciousness, with plant and vegetable growth, support of pets and other animals, as well as a more harmonious environment.

Quantum Upgrade can protect you against EMF radiation of any kind, e.g. 3G, 4G, and even 5G and WiFi signals. It works to protect the body by harmonizing and neutralizing these signals and improving bodily functions linked to the nervous system. For areas that emit strong EMF radiation, especially if you are in your car or live near a cell tower, or if you are working with your laptop and phone in tandem.

The Hawkins Scale of consciousness is used to assess the level of vibration/consciousness of locations, people, etc. It is extensively explained by Dr. David Hawkins in his book Power vs. Force.

According to the Hawkins Scale of vibration, Quantum Upgrade subscriptions can range between 600 – 1,200 on that scale. However, the levels 1,000 – 1,200 are only available as so called BOOSTERS. The level 1,200 is unavailable at first and is needed to be unlocked. Unlocking can be requested at customer service, and a valid explanation needs to be provided that shows that you have enough experience to tolerate such a high level.

Currently there are the basic preset levels: “Business” at 900,  “Phone” at 900, “Home” at 600, and “YOU” charging 600, “Pet” at 600.

Please note this at 600 does more than what a basic LeelaQ Infinity Bloc can do despite that being at 733. The reasons are two new features that are programmed into the Quantum Upgrade Tech. One is a “depth” feature, the other one a “harmony” feature, and lastly a “harmony & power buffer” so even inexperienced people can easily deal with the level 600.


It depends! With the Quantum Upgrade subscription for YOU, you are protected that way. No need to bring any of LeelaQ Blocs for you to mitigate EMF impact. But if you want other people or your pets to be protected, then the Blocs would help them. Or alternatively with the subscription for your HOME, obviously your whole home is covered by it.

The LeelaQ products will still do their job, and yes you can absolutely have Leela Quantum products. It certainly depends on your needs, as well as which subsription(s) you have. The Quantum Upgrade boost is way more powerful and comprehensive than the quantum energy in the H.E.A.L. Capsule for example.


“Home” subscription and “YOU” subscription charging are different. The home includes the whole home, and it therefore supports everyone in there. Energetically you then walk and live in a higher consciousness field.

The “YOU” subscription charging can rather be felt from within, as it helps lift you up from the inside. So the “YOU” subscription charging is more powerful for an individual than the “Home” or “Car” subscriptions charging at the same Hawkins level.

You can also have a “YOU” subscription and a “Home” subscription at the same time. You will always have the Quantum Upgrade Field for YOU available to you, and the Quantum Upgrade for your HOME takes care of the whole home, the other people and pets that live there, the plants, etc. The HOME subscription will not interfere with or boost your YOU subscription. 

Yes, but just indirectly due to your more expanded and energetically more balanced presence.

Non-charged foods will impact you less while you’re in the Quantum Upgrade. However, we would definitely suggest to continue to charge for foods that you feel rather sensitive to. 

We recommend tuning in with yourself. Check what it is that truly brings you joy. Also, check what you really should get done in the next few days that you may have put off for too long. Lastly, check in what parts of life you’re not really being true to yourself. 

It means where do you stress yourself too much, where do you criticize yourself too much, where do you not give yourself the love you could give yourself.

Then direct more energy into what’s truly good for you, in more love and loving actions towards yourself. And, check if you can manage to get some of that stuff done without stressing yourself.

Yes, it works anywhere and everywhere.

The Quantum Upgrade leverages our tech in an upgraded fashion, which has an in-built harmony buffer and works deeper on each individual level. So the Hawkins scale 600 in the Quantum Upgrade is not fully comparable to a regular LeelaQ Bloc that at 600. Because on one hand it works deeper and on a more powerful level, but at the same time it prevents any form of “overload” that someone may get by leaving a picture or body part in a Bloc for too long.

Though we move into the higher Hawkins scale numbers, there are also limits to the buffering. For example, could we not have anyone completely inexperienced and low in consciousness receive a permanent Quantum Upgrade at the level 1,000, 1,100 or 1,200. These levels WILL be available as 30 min (per day) boosters, but those levels will have to be unlocked first upon request and approval. 

The best things we can always do is to:

  • eat healthy
  • live healthy
  • think healthy

Beyond that, things like yoga (specifically kundalini yoga), meditation, walking in nature, etc. are all things that are nice to be somewhat included in our lives. And things you truly love to do. 

If we infuse our lives with such activities, we naturally increase our own “transparency” and magnify/enhance the presence of our true essence within ourselves. 

So that’s always helpful, not just after a Quantum Upgrade. And some things stay regardless, for example, the harmonization of each one’s birth. That happens already on the first day and certainly lasts.

You can set your own night time.