Levels of Consciousness

Levels of Consciousness by David R. Hawkins

What if you could attract the perfect job, the perfect life partner, and the perfect house with your mind?

Dr. David Hawkins believed that this was possible. He spent his life studying consciousness and created a logarithmic scale of consciousness as a linear model for a non-linear reality.

Hawkins discusses what he calls attractor fields, which are magnetic resonances of consciousness that draw energy towards us. When we vibrate at a level of love and joy, we attract people, events and circumstances that are in harmony with that state of being.

Coming from a state of fear, anger, or grief often results in further events and situations that will reinforce that state. From this perspective, our game in life can become one of raising our consciousness to draw health, happiness, and success to us, rather than dwelling in a state of discontentment trying to manipulate the outer world to try to make us happy.

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