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Explore Quantum Wellness in the Media

At Quantum Upgrade, we take great pride in having received extensive media coverage that highlights our cutting-edge work in quantum energy and frequency medicine. Through exclusive interviews with accomplished reporters and producers across various outlets, including podcasts, we are able to offer unique perspectives into the fascinating world of quantum healing energy. Listen to some of our top appearances featuring founder Philipp von Holtzendorff Fehling below to learn more.

As Seen In


Quantum Upgrade has been featured on many podcasts.

Our founder, Philipp Samor, has had the opportunity to share his story and insights with people all over the world. We invite you to listen to some of our most popular podcast appearances and hear first-hand from Philipp about Quantum Upgrade.

Highlighted Podcasts

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Upgrade Spotlight: How to Avoid EMFs & Raise Your Quantum Energy Field

Quantum Energy Science: How To Live in Your Highest Frequency


Quantum healing and quantum medicine are based on the interplay between energy, consciousness, and the body’s innate healing potential, with a focus on field connection. By harnessing pure quantum energy you can harmonize the quantum nature of the body, so that true well-being can be achieved on a deep and holistic level.

That’s where Quantum Upgrade comes in. Our services harness the power of pure and powerful quantum energy.

At Quantum Upgrade, we’re leaps and bounds ahead of any other offering, simply because we offer customers access to the highest levels of consciousness—up to 1400 by the Hawkins Scale of Consciousness.

In addition to that, our subscription is totally customizable, so anyone can boost their consciousness levels whenever they want. Plus, we’ve got a whole range of features and frequencies available for you to attune to, like Inner Peace, Abundance, and much more.

Lastly, each subscriber gets a free location service (preset at 550 on the Hawkins scale) for each subscription at 3 months of being a Quantum Upgrade subscriber, as well as another free subscription at 9 months. We called it Free Gift Product (FGP), because you can either use it for your own benefit or gift it to any location worldwide (whether it be an animal shelter, a hospital, a school, your favorite restaurant, etc.).

Yes, Quantum Upgrade has several scientifically proven benefits. Third-party studies show that it can neutralize EMFs (even in electric cars), optimize HRV, improve blood/blood flow, and improve ATP production. We’re constantly having our services tested by independent institutions, doctors, and labs around the world.

Feel free to check our Research page to read the study results.

Media Appearances

Quantum Upgrade was featured in many media outlets, allowing the public to learn more about our revolutionary quantum technology and its many benefits. Our founder, Philipp Samor, has been interviewed by numerous outlets, such as Biohacker Updates, Holistic Life, Organic Authority, and more. He has also been featured in countless podcasts, radio shows, and online interviews. If you are a journalist, TV reporter, producer, podcaster or otherwise affiliated with the press, and you would like to interview Philipp Samor, please contact us.