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How to Remove Negative Energy from Home

We are becoming much more aware of our energy and how different factors can affect it. There are times when you can feel down or being around someone or something can drag down your mood or slow you down. The worst is when this negative energy enters your home. It can decrease your ambition, create a sour mood, and keep you from being able to rest and relax. 

We understand the importance of not letting dirt gather on our floors or dust on our appliances. We keep our homes clean for our physical well being. The same is true for your energy. Like with dust and dirt, negative energy can gather in your home and impact your mental, emotional, and energetic health. 

This post includes simple ways to remove negative energy from your home to encourage a happy, healthy, and energetically regulated environment.

What Is Negative Energy?

Negative energy is energy that is generally draining. It encourages certain emotions, behaviors, or situations that ultimately have a negative impact on your life. Negative emotions like anger, despair, and fear inherently drain energy.  Negative energy can encourage these emotions. 

Sometimes certain traumas, negative events, or even toxic people can bring negative energies into your home. Occasionally, these can settle in and impact your general mood and energy. The key to encouraging proper energy flow and more uplifting energy is to remove this negative energy from your home. Here are a few strategies to remove negative energy from your home.

Smudge Kit with White Sage Stick, Abalone Sea Shell. Natural Elements for Cleansing Negative Energy
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Using ceremonial herbs like sage, mugwort, and cedar can help you remove negative energies from your home. Various cultures burn ceremonial herbs to remove negative energy from a place or person. As the smoke passes over a space, it encourages the negative energy to detach. 

To smudge, simply open your windows and doors to allow proper airflow and then burn these plants to clear the energy of your space. Smudging encourages all of this negative energy to detach and flow out through your windows and doors. 

Not only does this smoke remove negative energy it also reduces airborne bacteria, is antimicrobial, serves as an insect repellent, and can even help you sleep and reduce insomnia. Smudging can “purify the air from up to 94% of harmful bacteria for up to 24 hours.”

If you have trouble with smoke due to respiratory issues, many of these herbs can be used into sprays to have the same effect as smudging.

Clear Clutter 

Clutter can be a trap for negative energy. It keeps the energy in a given area stagnant. In addition, clutter can be draining. It serves as a constant silent reminder that something needs to be dealt with. While you may consciously forget about it, the clutter will keep taking up space in your mind pulling focus from what you’d rather be thinking about. 

Clutter can encourage negative coping strategies like snacking, impair your cognition and memory, and increase stress levels. By clearing clutter, you help remove this energy buildup and visual noise, which can increase air flow, energy flow, and allow more positive energy into your space. 

Feng Shui 

Feng shui is the ancient Chinese art of creating harmony in the home by managing the orientation and location of your household items. By managing the feng shui of your home, you can more effectively curate the energy of a given space. 

Feng shui involves managing the balance of the elements (earth, air, fire, etc.)  in your home. Everything from your entrance, the location of mirrors and the orientation of your furniture can all inform how the energy in your home behaves. Certain tricks of feng shui can help you reduce or even eliminate negative energy altogether. 

By paying attention to the feng shui, you can help program your living space for abundance, vitality, and ensure that you don’t attract or allow negative energy into certain areas of your home. 

© Oksana Vejus via Canva

Sound Healing

Sound can be used to dissipate negative energy. Bells, Tibetan singing bowls, and even windchimes can help eliminate a buildup of negative energy. The sound encourages negative energy to dissipate. 

Additionally, these positive sounds can help boost your mood and your own energy. By using sound healing techniques, you can more effectively program the energy of an area of your home.

Quantum Energy 

One solution to combat negative energy is to surround your home with positive energy. You can actually have your home, car, or even your personal energetic field filled with pure quantum energy. With Quantum Upgrade, you can receive a steady stream of quantum energy. 

Quantum energy can help neutralize negative energy and harmful EMF and 5G protection and electrosmog. Quantum Upgrade sets the vibrational field in your home at a vibrational level you decide to increase vitality, happiness, and the overall positive energy of your living space. You have powerful quantum energy sent to you remotely to set the energy of your home where you want it to be.  


Negative emotions like sadness, trauma, and anger can drain our vitality. Worse yet, they can linger in the form of negative energy in your home, body, or mindset. These strategies can help you directly combat negative energy by replacing or removing that negative energy from your home.

In the same way, you keep your house clean, you must also take the time to ensure that your home’s energy is clear to allow in the best possible energy. The less negative energy in your home, the greater control you have over your living space. You can rest more easily, recharge, and create the life of your dreams.