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EMF Protection Simplified

A Simple Guide To Protect Yourself From Electromagnetic Frequency Radiation

Our technological world is only getting more complex with everything from internet-accessible refrigerators and Bluetooth-enabled home lighting to an ever-growing list of social media networks and apps keeping us on 5G to AI slowly invading our digital day to day. It can all be so overwhelming. Not to mention, is this tech-heavy lifestyle taking a toll? 

The short answer is yes. You may see growing ADHD and depression diagnoses, concerns over blue light impacting your vision, but, there’s also an unseen concern: EMFs. Thanks to 5G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and the amount of EMFs circling all of our devices our cells are constantly being exposed to EMFs, radio frequencies, and radiation. What does that all even mean? 

Given how complex and time-consuming it can be to keep up with the digital world’s constant changes, this post will make the entire EMF issue easy-to-follow and provide simple changes you can make. 

What are the basics of EMFs: the good, the bad, and the ugly? With a little bit of information you can not only understand but protect yourself and your family. 

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The EMF Issue Simplified 

Simply put, all electronic devices create a field around them caused by the flow of the electric current and the movement of electrically-charged particles. When you enter this field your body interacts with the field which can affect living things on a cellular level.  

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) considers EMFs to be in Group 2B meaning that they are compounds and exposure risks considered “possibly carcinogenic to humans.” While that can alleviate some anxiety, that puts them in the same category as chloroform, lead, and HPV which doesn’t exactly make them great to have around. Meanwhile, EMFs are everywhere.

All of your devices have EMFs. With EMFs omnipresent in everything from your phone, computer, and WI-Fi router it’s important to know any ways you decrease exposure can help you preserve your health.

Besides cancer, EMF exposure has been linked to the thermal heating of cells and a negative impact on cell function and potentially even altering your DNA. Plus, EMFs and the various frequencies of cell phones have been tied to altering human melatonin levels and sleep, and can increase your glioma risk.

EMFs don’t present the same risk as more intense radiation like nuclear power. However, we are still not fully aware of the full brunt of EMFs as we spend more time on our phones, automate more, and the general mass EMFs of our tech-dependent world. When combined with 5G, Wi-Fi and other radiofrequencies it can be a lot of energy bombarding the body.  

While this isn’t a cause of major concern there are potential conflicts of interest. In 2021, the FCC was sued with more than 11,000 pages of evidence about the risks of 5G. What can you do to protect yourself and your family from EMFs, 5G and the like? 

The Basics of EMF Protection 

There’s no need to increase your fear, by simply incorporating a few new strategies into your day similar to washing vegetables and fruits to remove pesticides or covering your mouth when you sneeze you can cover your bases. 

In the same way you protect yourself from bacterial or viral infections or chemical exposure, taking proper precautions with EMF exposure can be simple changes to your daily life. 

Distance is Key

EMF exposure is not dire, however, the issue is our increased reliance on our devices and the Internet increases our proximity to EMFs. A study by Belgium and Greece examined the general traffic of EMFs in homes and how much exposure  adults and children can face. 

Remember when your parents told you not to stand near the microwave while it’s running? It turns out some of those concerns are not only founded but what we know may even be grossly outdated. That post points to a potential for more stringent recommendations than current  international standards.

The more distance you can put between your body and your devices the better. This can include getting an EMF-reducing keyboard and mouse so you’re not as directly in your computer’s EMF. A headset for your phone can ensure you’re not putting your brain in direct contact with your phone’s EMF and other radio frequencies.  

You can put your Wi-Fi router in a less prominent area of the home where there’s less foot traffic. This will limit the amount of exposure to you, your children, and pets from being bombarded by Wi-Fi.

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In general, try to keep devices at arm’s length. This can mean not keeping phones in your pocket but instead in a bag or fixed area of the house. You can also be mindful of where you place your electronic and internet-accessible devices an adequate distance from your body. 

You can even create EMF-free zones in your home. This can mean you have a place to spend time away from EMFs. Speaking of time away…

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Limit Time with EMFs

We’re all trying to manage our relationship to screen time. We’ve all tried to cut down on doom scrolling, binge watching, and wasting too much time on our phones, computers and televisions. One motivation would be to give our bodies time away from EMFs. 

A good reason to send your kids outside to play or to go on that hike would be to give your body a rest. Taking time away from devices helps give your body’s cells time to rebound. In the same way that having fatty foods, alcohol, or cigarettes in moderation can be better for us, time away from EMFs can mitigate any risks. 

One simple change is not having EMFS in your sleeping area. Giving your body time to rest away from EMFs will not only ensure better sleep but a chance for your cells to resume regular function and recover from being bombarded.  

Taking time in nature away from phones, and generally just giving yourself space from technology will also help your body get back into its own equilibrium free from EMFs.

EMF-Reducing  Devices & Accessories 

There are a whole host of products on the market to help eliminate or neutralize EMFs. This can include keyboards and mice for your computer, cases to reduce EMF exposure to your skin and other areas of your body. 

There is even a whole host of apparel, jewelry, and even crystals like Shungite that you can keep on your person that will help mitigate your EMF contact. Again, a few small changes can provide major help in protecting your vulnerable cells from excessive EMFs. 

Manage The Energy of EMFs

EMFs can also be like alcohol, cigarettes, and fried foods in that they have free radicals. These are negatively charged ions that try to get back some of the electrons they’re missing by attacking your living cells. Free radicals are a major cause of not just disease but aging. 

In the same way you incorporate antioxidants in your diet to address these free radicals you can do the same for the energy of your space. 

Quantum Upgrade creates a field of positively charged energy in a fixed space. Rather than missing electrons they’re ready to give. This field can cover a person, home or workspace, you can even have one for pets. This creates a positively charged field that not only can neutralize EMFs but give your cells a boost with an influx of pure positively-charged quantum energy.

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Technological advancement and development provides us with access to information, greater connection, and more ease to our lives. The issue is what is the potential fallout of these devices being everywhere and constantly in our personal space?

Luckily, the aforementioned steps should give you an uncomplicated understanding of how EMFs are at play in your life, straightforward strategies and steps you can take to help protect your health, family, and wellness from EMFs wreaking havoc on your health and energy. Time and technology and change but your concern for being healthy should not.