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Protecting Pets From EMF

In today’s highly digitized environment, electromagnetic fields are everywhere, posing significant health risks to humans and our adorable pets. 

A 1995 study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology showed that continued exposure to AC magnetic fields in homes resulted in a heightened risk of lymphoma in dogs. 

As pet lovers, we must protect our furry friends from the negative impacts of EMF radiation. This post outlines strategies that will help you do so.

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Adverse effects of EMF on pets 


Some epidemiologic studies have reported that EMF radiation can lead to adverse behavioural and perceptual responses like difficulty concentrating, headaches, and fatigue.

For instance, researchers observed that rats exposed to heightened levels of EMF radiation could not easily escape from their enclosures because they showed signs of fatigue.


Most studies on mice have found that electromagnetic fields can affect female and male fertility. To put this into perspective, WiFi can reduce sperm quality and lead to DNA fragmentation.

Research on female animals indicates that electromagnetic field radiation can lead to abnormal pregnancies or hinder eggs from getting implanted inside the womb. Also, EMF exposure, particularly during the final stages of pregnancy, increases the chances of miscarriage.

A recent study found that mice exposed to EMFs had spontaneous abortions, fetal deformities, and fewer offspring. Even the offspring that managed to survive had slower development.

Endocrine system 

Your pet’s body has thyroid, pituitary, and parathyroid glands, which secrete hormones into its bloodstream. These hormones are vital for various body functions and comprise the endocrine system.

There has been a rise in pet endocrine diseases, which coincides with humans’ ever-increasing use of technology. So, limiting your pet’s interaction with EMFs is critical to avoid endocrine diseases such as gigantism, Addison’s disease, and more.

How to protect your pets from EMF

Create EMF-free zones 

Start by identifying areas inside the house where your pets spend most of their time, including feeding, sleeping, or playing areas. 

After marking out the areas, move all electronic devices, such as cell phones, microwaves, ovens, laptops, and WiFi routers, and place them in a different location. Pets like dogs and cats sleep about 12 hours daily, so ensure their sleeping mats aren’t close to sockets.

Creating specific EMF radiation-free zones provides your furry friends a secure refuge, allowing them to recharge and relax without radiation exposure.  

Additionally, you can dedicate EMF-free hours and switch off all switch off all electrical gadgets in the house.

Include natural vitamins and supplements in the food.

You can use food to enhance your pet’s immunity and bolster resistance to radiation. 

Natural antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins like vitamin E, selenium, and vitamin C contain high antioxidant qualities, which help neutralise radicals resulting from EMF exposure and protect cells from experiencing oxidation.

Avoid feeding pets industrially processed foods, as they may contain harmful preservatives.

Also, consult a veterinarian for advice on the ideal supplements for your pet’s particular needs, and include them in their food to improve vitality and overall health. 

If you notice your pet is sick, ensure they get treatment immediately. While ill, pets are more susceptible to electromagnetic fields.

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Prioritise outdoor activities

Spending time outside the house allows your pet to get exercise and fresh air, and it also lessens their EMF exposure since they won’t interact with technological devices.

Start regular walks, races, and other outdoor activities. You can even talk with your neighbors to bring their pets along to make it more exciting. If you have a backyard, encourage the pets to explore it by going outside, and the pets will follow you.

Consider investing in pet accessories that reduce EMF and utilize the power of quantum energy.

Pet accessories such as pet collars are designed to create a protective shield between electronic devices and pets. 

These accessories contain particular materials and are charged with quantum energy, enabling them to neutralize EMF radiation and effectively protect pets.

You can also join Quantum Upgrade for Animals and bring pure power from quantum energy into your home and your animal. It can help to boost your pet’s vitality and shield them from EMF frequencies, enabling them to live healthy lifestyles.

Final Words 

You love and want your pets to live long, but EMF radiation can interfere. Although it’s impossible to avoid using technology, you can consistently implement the tips mentioned above to ensure your pets aren’t affected by electromagnetic radiation.