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Vibrational Uplift: Techniques to Elevate Your Energy

Keeping Your Vibe High For the Life You Want 

We are becoming a lot more aware of the gains and drains on our energy levels. Energy as a concept is becoming a defining part of our lives. Some people, places, and even things can be filled with negative energy that drains us. That’s something many have been fixated on, but what about the things that elevate your energy and leave you feeling more invigorated?

The higher your vibrational level the more readily you manifest, the more your body cells are working together towards your healthiest self, and the more you’re functioning at your peak potential. This post will cover various ways you can raise your vibrational level and ensure you have the best energy. These strategies take your energy up to the next level. 

Clean Up Your Diet

Certain foods and substances are known for dragging down your energy. Dairy and meat are notorious for complicating your connection to your energy. Most species don’t feed on milk after a certain age, while many Western diets can be heavy in dairy. 

Not only can this impact your energy, but dairy can increase your chance of health risks. It can increase your chances of contracting prostate or breast cancer. A study even found that people who are lactose intolerant are less likely to develop certain cancers. 

There’s also the widely held belief that the energy, not to mention hormones, of animals who might be inhumanely treated or face intense levels of fear while being slaughtered might impact your body when you consume them. Many also find that diets that require the death of another living creature to lower their vibrational level.  

While you don’t have to rehash your diet completely, many find that plant-based diets increase their energy levels and help them in the pursuit of a higher vibration. The closer you can get to raw, fresh fruits and vegetables and farther away from processed foods the higher you can get your vibration. Also, some higher vibrational foods include leafy greens, fresh herbs, sprouts, cacao, and apples

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Swirling glass of rose wine at wine tasting. Concept of rose wine
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Cut Your Consumption of Alcohol

Alcohol may be a social lubricant, but this can often be at the expense of your nervous system. Alcohol is a depressant and can flood the nervous system with neurotransmitters which lowers your inhibitions and slows the connections between neurons

Alcohol is used alchemically to separate an item from its essence. We use this to make tinctures and extracts of herbs and scents but it can do this to your essence. Alcohol can impact your vibrational level, not just lowering your vibration but disconnecting you from yourself. This puts at risk of chakra imbalances or even the potential of engaging with entities and other energy drains. 

Not to mention, alcohol leaves you more susceptible to everyday drains on your energy, whether it’s toxic people, problematic foods, negative environments, and time-wasting activities.

Connect with Nature

Raising your energy levels doesn’t always require giving up things in your life. More time in nature can actually help you increase your vibrational levels with other overall benefits for your mood and health. 

Spending 2 hours a week in nature has been associated with positive benefits to your health, including cardiovascular health. Time in nature is also connected to increasing your cognition and helping with your overall mental health. It has even been found to increase your levels of happiness and positivity. 

Spending time in nature offers a natural sense of grounding. This can be so helpful when our day-to-day lives can leave us emotionally and energetically dysregulated. We can often be full of wild energy and prone to reactions. If you know anything about how circuits work you’ll know that grounding is vital for electric systems to function at their peak. The same is true for you. Time in nature can help you better ground your energy. 

The next time you’re feeling mentally or emotionally dysregulated, try hugging a tree or putting your bare feet on the earth, sand at the beach, or grass. This can help you ground your energetic field, not to mention a way to connect to Earth.

Connecting with nature
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Additionally, our relationship with plant life is reciprocal. Plants absorb the carbon dioxide that we expend, and they give us back oxygen. The same is true for negative energy. Whenever you feel drained or overloaded by negative energy try connecting to plant life. Imagine them accepting the negative energy leaving your body and going into their root system for conversion to positive energy and healing. 

Rose Quartz Healing Crystals
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Crystal Power 

Crystals are growing in popularity for their healing potential. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but many are known to vibrate at different frequencies. By harmonizing your energy with these frequencies you can help piggyback on that crystal energy to raise your vibration.  

Depending on the crystal, it may help you better regulate your own energy, and offer healing to any chakra imbalances, which are the hubs of energy flow in the body. They can help ward off energy drains and elevate your own energy. 

Certain crystals tend to be higher vibrationally or they can help eliminate internal energy blocks or other dysregulations or energy drains. Not to mention, crystals can offer various healing vibrations. Some of the highest vibration crystals include selenite, lapis lazuli, moldavite, super seven, shungite, sugilite, and kunzite. 


Meditation is important for your mental health. Thoughts drive so much of our lives. We are energy, as are the thoughts traveling as electric impulses throughout our nervous systems. The more we can harness control over these thoughts, the more we can expand that control and management to your energy. 

Meditation brings clarity and helps you more readily understand your inner world. This helps you become more aware of how certain habits, activities, or even people can be thieves of your energy. It helps you more greatly connect to how you feel that may be clouded by programmed responses or learned behaviors. 

Meditation can help you unlock a higher level of thought where you can start to examine why you think what you think and start to choose how you want to look at your life. Beyond benefiting your mental health and energy, meditation has also been linked to

  • Greater patience and tolerance
  • A lower resting heart rate
  • A lower resting blood pressure
  • Improved sleep quality
Gratitude Meditation Hand Gesture
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Blissful meditation
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Pure Quantum Energy

Sometimes, the best way to raise your vibrational level is with an influx of energy. Again, there are so many drains on our energy levels but what about boosts? One major source of energy is pure quantum energy. 

Quantum Upgrade allows you to attune to pure quantum energy. You can get pure quantum energy sent directly to a fixed area like your body, home, or office. There is even an option to help give your pets a boost with quantum energy. Quantum energy is the high vibrational energy that makes up all living things. 

With an infusion of quantum energy, you can not only address any gaps or drains in your energy, but you can also commit to raising your vibration and elevating your energy levels to find a new higher vibrational normal. 


We are made of energy. So many aspects of our lives can drain our energy and pull our focus, but hopefully, thanks to this article, you can find ways to raise your energy level. By elevating your energy, you can shift your vibrational level to focus more on uplifting thoughts, pursuing your goals with vigor, and creating the life you want because you have more energy to do so. Not to mention, the higher your vibrational level the more you’re working with the energy around you.