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5G and EMF

5G and EMF: What You Need to Know

Take a quick look around you, whether in the office, at home, or around the neighborhood, and you will see a few electrical devices nearby. As you read this, you are currently using an electronic device. However, there have been concerns of how the technology will affect you.

Over the years, we have become increasingly reliant on technology, which exposes us to electromagnetic fields called EMFs. Even though EMFs aren’t visible, they have a real impact on your well-being.

Below, we look at 5G technology, its EMF implications, and ways to shield yourself from their negative effects.

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What is 5G?

The phrase 5G means fifth-generation wireless, which is a step up from the current 4G and 3G networks that we commonly use. It is a new, enhanced wireless technology designed to transmit digital data more efficiently.

The technology behind 5G uses radio frequencies that range between approx. 30 GHz and 300 GHz. These frequencies are higher than those used in previous generations, which has raised concerns of how it will affect our EMF exposure.

Most cell phone companies preparing for 5G promise better coverage, faster speeds, and increased ability to pass through walls.

5G technology will attain these goals by:

Using higher frequency waves called Millimeter waves.

Engineers describe millimeter waves as a “super highway” for sharing huge amounts of frequencies at high speed. 

To put this into perspective, 3G can attain speeds of up to 7.2mbps, 4G can reach up to 150mbps, and 5G can reach 1gbps and even higher.

More cell towers

5G will require thousands of new cell towers to function properly and efficiently. This means that if you live in a large city, more cell towers will be erected to operate alongside the old ones.

5G immensely benefits businesses relying heavily on technology and video streaming at home. However, the entry of 5G could mean trouble for your well-being due to EMFs

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What are EMFs?

EMFs ( electromagnetic fields) are unseen energy fields that contain radiation. As the name suggests, EMFs arise from a combination of magnetic and electric fields. Magnetic fields occur when current moves in a certain direction, and electric fields are from voltage or electricity.

EMFs are not new; they have been around since the beginning, as we even receive EMFs from Earth and the sun. Our bodies also contain magnetic and electrical functions. 

However, the increased use of technology has led to heightened EMF levels. For instance, every type of technology, like computers, phones, WIFI, Bluetooth, UV lights, power lines, etc, produces electromagnetic fields.

Types of EMFs

Non-ionizing, low-level EMFs 

These are electromagnetic fields with a frequency lesser than visible light; they include Bluetooth, WIFI, or power lines.

Ionizing, high-level EMFs

These electromagnetic fields, such as gamma rays, x-rays, and sunlight, contain more frequency than visible light.

Dangers of Consistent EMF exposure

The negative implications of EMF exposure aren’t quickly noticeable; on the contrary, the damage occurs over time. Some of these side effects are headaches, fatigue, anxiety, depression, difficulty concentrating, and more.

Why 5G EMFs can be dangerous 

The main issue with 5G is that even after its installation, it does not mean that the previous technologies like 3G and 4G will be faced out. Instead, 5G will work alongside these older networks. 

As a result, when companies start mounting hundreds of 5G towers, you will be exposed to heightened EMF levels more than ever before.

In addition, since 5G is still new, there aren’t enough long-term studies assessing its health effects ( there are only a few animal studies), so the damage it can cause is unclear.

However, technology will continue to grow. Therefore, taking the necessary measures to protect yourself and those around you falls to you.

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How to reduce EMF exposure

EMF Blocker: EMF blockers are devices that are designed to absorb or redirect EMF radiation. These blockers are small and can be easily attached to your cell phone or laptop. They work by creating a protective shield around your device, which helps reduce your exposure to EMF.

Quantum Energy Pendants: Quantum energy pendants are wearable devices that use quantum energu to help balance the body’s energy field. These pendants are designed to help reduce stress and increase energy levels. Many people have reported feeling more energized and less stressed when wearing them. You can try the H.E.A.L.® Capsule from the Leela Quantum Tech. It has been third-party tested.

EMF Protection Clothing: If you work in an environment where you’re constantly exposed to EMF radiation, you may want to consider investing in EMF protection clothing. These clothes are made from special fabrics that are designed to shield your body from EMF radiation. 

Limiting Exposure: One of the easiest ways to protect yourself from EMF radiation is to limit your exposure. This means turning off your Wi-Fi router at night, using a wired internet connection, and setting your phone to airplane mode when you’re not using it. You should also avoid using your laptop or phone on your lap, as this can increase your exposure to EMF radiation. Finally, you should limit your use of electronic devices and try to spend more time in nature.

Testing Your Home: If you’re curious about the amount of EMF radiation in your home, you can purchase an EMF meter to test it. These meters are simple to use and can give you an idea of the amount of radiation in your home. Once you know the levels, you can take steps to reduce your exposure. For example, you may want to move your bed away from your Wi-Fi router or consider using an EMF blocker.

Quantum Energy can help you to neutralize harmful electromagnetic fields and enhance the environment’s energy. With the help of a Quantum Upgrade’s Field for Location, you can harmonize the energy in your home and eliminate the negative frequencies that could harm you. The quantum energy field technology provides a positive vibrational effect, contributing to your well-being, happiness, and overall vitality. 

Neutralize negative frequencies that exist in your home by utilizing a technology that emits positive, harmonizing energy. The EMF is steadily increasing with the increase in technology adoptions, hence why neutralizing them has never been more important. Neutralizing the EMF helps you maintain calmness, and productivity and gives you better night rest quality.

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Technological advancements undoubtedly improve our quality of life in plenty of ways. For instance, 5G will lead to better communication and application performance.

EMF radiation is all around us, and it’s important to take steps to protect yourself. Whether you choose to use an EMF blocker, wear a quantum energy pendant, or limit your exposure to electronic devices, there are a variety of devices and tips that can help reduce your exposure to EMF radiation. By taking these simple steps, you can help protect your health and well-being in an increasingly electronic world.