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The Science of EMF Protection: What You Need to Know

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A Simple Explanation of How EMF Protection Works

We are becoming ever more reliant on technology: our phones, computers, and even our vehicles all run on electricity. We are constantly on the Internet requiring more advanced forms of Wi-Fi and 5G. However, exposure to this tech can take a toll on our bodies on the microscopic level. The reason: EMFs.

EMFs are electromagnetic fields that surround anything with an electrical charge. Everytime you hold your phone or touch your computer you are engaging with your device’s electromagnetic field. While not an intense health concern, there is a growing push towards EMF protection.

While EMFs are not as hazardous as X-rays or nuclear radiation, studies are still exploring the long term effects of EMF exposure. Not to mention, the amount of time we spend with them is rapidly changing. As our device use, Internet accessibility, and the sheer mass of electronic devices increases it’s helpful to prepare ourselves. Knowing how EMF protection works can help protect your health and wellbeing from the potential ravages of our digital age.

Shielding your body from EMFS, neutralizing them in your living space or even blocking them out entirely are basic strategies. So, how exactly does EMF protection work, scientifically?

This post will review the different strategies for EMF protection and explain the science behind them. Before learning how protection works let’s quickly review how EMFs engage with your body to better understand the need for protection.   

What Can EMFs Do To The Body?

When you use your laptop you are engaging with your device’s electromagnetic field. When you carry your cell phone, if you sit by your Wi-FI router you can be physically engaging with this device’s EMF on the cellular level.

Exposure to EMFs can do quite a few things on the microscopic level. EMFs increase our cell’s oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is responsible for the aging process but it can also lead to cancer or heart disease.

Free radicals are ions that crave electrons they try to get from living cells. EMFs increase free radicals which puts living cells under stress which can lead to the damage of proteins, lipids, and even DNA. Damage of DNA can lead to cancer, mutation, and impact behavior like tissue growth and cellular development.

EMFs can also affect cellular behavior. It can increase the stress response, alter cellular reproductive rates or affect membrane properties. These can impact your overall cellular function. Maintaining a healthy level of EMF exposure will continue to be a growing concern and science is only just discovering the impacts of prolonged EMF exposure.

Essentially, the goal is to minimize EMF exposure by either shielding or absorbing some of the EMF radiation. Let’s explore how that works.

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How Does EMF Protection Work?

There are a few different strategies of protecting yourself from EMF and other frequencies. This section will review the different strategies for reducing EMF radiation exposure for you and the science behind it.

The effectiveness of an EMF shielding material and other protection tools is measured in decibels (dB). The higher the decibel rating, the better the material is at blocking or neutralizing EMFs. The effectiveness of EMF protection can vary depending on a material’s conductivity, its thickness, and the frequency of the EMF being blocked.

EMF Shielding

One strategy for protecting yourself is shielding yourself from EMFs. This can be by using certain EMF shielding paints, clothing or outerwear that protects against EMFs. These products work by having some EMF shielding metals in their composition. Metals like aluminum, copper, tin, and steel can all shield from EMFs. Some clothing can be made with polyamide threads coated with silver.

Products that Absorb EMFS

Similar to shielding, some compounds can absorb EMFs. That’s to say they absorb some of the energy and free radicals to keep them from existing in a fixed space. Carbon-based compounds, specialized polymers, and magnetic ferrites can be used to absorb and dissipate the energy.


Another approach to eliminating the impacts of EMFs is to ground some of the energy. When a field is grounded it gets connected to Earth’s electrical field. The energy is grounded into the earth where it can dissipate safely rather than interacting with the shielded area.

Faraday Cage

A Faraday cage is an enclosed conductive shell that can block external EMFs from entering the internal space. It can be made using EMF shielding materials like fabrics, paints, or metals. The area within the Faraday Cage is protected from interacting with EMFs.

The cage works by creating a space where all of the ions can share electrons creating a net charge of zero. This charge helps reduce their hunger for electrons which neutralizes their potential drain on your cell’s energy.

Neutralizing EMFs

Products like Quantum Upgrade create a regular stream of quantum energy to a given space. This stream can help neutralize EMFs in a given space by feeding their free radicals and harmonizing the energies. Quantum Upgrade also can help boost vitality and healing in an area with a quantum upgrade.

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EMFs are a natural part of our growing reliance on the Internet and our electronic devices. These EMFs as well as all of our Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 5G can all negatively impact our cells. By keeping these energies in check whether by absorbing, dissipating or grounding it it can keep these rogue energies from attacking your cells.