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Quantum Energy Healing: Techniques and Benefits

How Energy Healing Works on the Quantum Level

Society is shifting, some might argue a bit too rapidly, but we are collectively looking at how aspects of daily life impact our energy. These can be interactions that leave us drained or places that give us “bad vibes” or just items, people, and places that don’t belong in our life.  

We are moving beyond just Western or eastern medicine to a look at how we are being impacted on the quantum level. Quantum energy healing is a form of healing that addresses issues to the flow of energy in your body. 

Quantum healing addresses the causes of various energy blocks on the energy or “spiritual” level. Many incorporate Eastern medicine modalities like reiki, pranic healing, and qigong. There is a growing list of different energy healing modalities that address your energy hygiene. 

Unprocessed trauma, “negative energy,” clutter can all impact us on levels that we don’t see. They can leave stagnant energy or blockages that are addressed by practitioners of quantum energy healing. 

Generally, an energy healer will provide a channel of “clearing” energy or pure energy that can help locate and eliminate blocks or abnormalities in your energy field. In some forms, they will also remove these blockages. They can also send healing energy to some of the areas impacted by these blockages to encourage balance. 

This post will give you a better understanding of different forms of energy healing, how they work, and how you can use some of these practices for yourself. 

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What are Different Techniques of Quantum Energy Healing? 

Energy healing is not exclusive to any one region or religion as many incorporate everything from prayer or the laying of hands; however, some have found greater popularity and more awareness internationally. 


Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a Japanese form of energy healing popularized by both Mikao Usui. It involves a reiki healer transferring healing energy to a patient to encourage healing and relaxation. There are generally three levels of reiki attunement. 

In Reiki, you can be attuned by a reiki master that allows you to do the following:

  • Level 1: Heal Yourself
  • Level 2: Heal Others
  • Level 3: Attune Others to Receive Reiki

Reiki is named for the Japanese words rei meaning universal and ki, meaning life energy. The goal is for the healer to help facilitate the patient’s own healing response and return them to a state of physical and emotional balance and well-being.

Master Usui developed this practice through his exploration of Buddhist teachings. 

Reiki sessions often have the patient lying down in a relaxed setting while the practitioner works on energy balancing through light touch or hovering just above the patient’s energy meridians and chakras.

Studies into Reiki have found it can be more effective than the placebo effect, extensive reiki study has found that it has shown benefits in pain management and palliative care. 


Qigong (pronounced chee-gong) is an ancient Chinese system of postures, exercises, breathing techniques, and meditations. It is designed to improve health, prevent disease, and enhance overall well-being. 

Similar to reiki, It is based on the concept of qi (or chi), the universal vital energy force, a.k.a. quantum energy that flows through the body. Unlike Reiki, it involves more movement and physical activity. 

Qigong cultivates and balances this energy through the coordination of breath, movement, and awareness. One major part of the practice is moving meditation meant to integrate the mind, body, and breath to achieve a tranquil and focused state of mind. 

There are many different styles but most forms combine repeated movements, breathing techniques, self-massage, focused intent or imagination, and meditation.

A typical qigong session begins with some light stretching or slow movements to warm up the body and relax the mind. The movements are repeated in a flowing sequence of postures to encourage the flow of vital energy.

The practitioner then leads breathing techniques coordinated with the movements. These breathing techniques move the breath deep into the abdomen using rhythmic inhaling and exhaling. This helps circulate qi and oxygenate the blood.

The session then progresses into holding postures for several minutes. This aligns the body and calms the mind. The practice may include some walking qigong where the coordinated motions and breathing are integrated with slow, meditative walking.

A session usually ends with a sitting meditation to help integrate the movement of energies and help ensure relaxation. 

There have been numerous studies into the benefits of qigong. One study has shown that there are various physical benefits to qigong. It’s also been explored as a treatment for Parkinsons, heart failure, depression during chronic illness, and fibromyalgia

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Pranic Healing 

Pranic healing is a form of energy healing developed in the 1990s by Chinese-Filipino spiritual teacher and chemist Master Choa Kok Sui.  It involves cleansing unhealthy, used-up energy and energizing areas that are depleted. 

The goal is to balance the biofield that exists around our body and ensure the flow of with prana, another name for vital energy from India. Since it focuses on the biofield and not the body, pranic healers perform hand movements 3-6 inches outside the body.

The goal of pranic healing is to strengthen the aura’s defenses, unblock meridians, revitalize organs, and self-correct energy deficiencies so the body regenerates itself.

A pranic healing session will often begin with a client removing any jewelry or charged objects to allow the healer to address the whole biofield. They will do a scan of your body to note any blockages or stagnant energy. 

Negative energy or blockages are removed often by pulling the energy and grounding into rock salt. The practitioner will then pour water or lay hands over areas that require additional prana. 

There haven’t been many studies into pranic healing but one did find that it was an effective treatment for depression with a significant impact on patience. 

Crystal Healing 

Human beings have been collecting precious and semi-precious stones for centuries. However, the crystal craze is only growing in popularity. With crystal healing different crystals correspond to different frequencies or have different energetic significances. 

Many common texts like The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall list how crystals correspond to different body parts, forms of healing, and different chakras. By engaging with the crystal’s energy you help connect to that wavelength of energy or that healing. 

For example, rose quartz is often used to address heart chakra related ailments and issues with relationships. Black tourmaline can be used to help address negative energy or to help ground which also helps with your root chakra. 

With crystal healing, crystals can be used during meditation, laid on or worn over different body parts, and sometimes placed on the body in different energy healing sessions. 

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What are the Benefits of Energy Healing? 

There are various benefits to engaging with energy healing. It helps you start by addressing your attitude to healing and focus on your body’s ability to heal itself rather than the illness which can provide a natural boost to your immune system. 

Other benefits to people who’ve use quantum healing practices include:

  • Reduced pain, anxiety, fatigue, and other symptoms
  • Improved sleep 
  • A greater sense of wellbeing 
  • Accelerated recovery from illness/surgery  
  • Emotional healing and spiritual growth
  • Enhanced energy or vitality levels

The benefits can vary by individual and the specific modality but all of these forms of energy healing share the same goal of healing the body by restoring balance within the subtle energy system.


What’s the Simplest Form of Energy Healing?

All of these healing modalities incorporate a source of clear quantum energy whether it’s called chi or prana, you can also get an influx of pure quantum energy. Quantum Upgrade allows you to attune to your own influx of quantum energy. 

You can receive quantum energy to your body, and office, and you can even give some to your pets. While not exactly like these other healing modalities, it does let you simply try out what quantum energy feels like and see if it works for you. 


While coming from different cultures and using different strategies there are two key ideas. One, if your energy is in alignment you can heal yourself and there is one form of universal energy that unites us all. This is held in many religious, spiritual, and even scientific circles. 

These beliefs and practices all help us in gaining a greater understanding of what is happening to our body on an energetic level. They provide tools for helping heal on the mental, physical, and emotional level and as they grow in popularity so will the scientific research that can help validate what you can experience for yourself.