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EMF Protection in Cars: Staying Safe on The Go

While the technology in cars continuously advances, it also means an increase in EMF exposure from the cars. For instance, most vehicles today come with surround cameras to provide a 360-degree view all around the car and plenty of electronics.

All of these equipment provide excellent security and convenience features but emit high amounts of EMF radiation that could harm you.

This post looks at EMF in cars and outlines ways to stay safe while on the road.

EMF Exposure in Cars

First, let’s talk about the sources of EMF exposure in cars. Our cars are filled with electronic devices that emit various levels of EMF radiation. These include the car’s electrical system, GPS, stereo system, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. Additionally, external sources like power lines and cell towers can also contribute to EMF exposure while driving. All of these factors combine to create a potentially high level of EMF radiation in our cars.

EMF exposure from all the electrical gadgets in your car can cause long-term and short-term health issues. Some of them are 

  • Muscle pain
  • Heart disease
  • Mood disorders
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Constant irritability

Studies also show that radiation can lead to drowsiness while driving, which could cause accidents.

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Sources of EMF radiation in cars


Most car batteries, especially gas-powered ones, utilize DC power and do not produce as much radiation as AC-powered batteries. 

However, these cars will emit a temporary but powerful DC voltage while shifting currents, like when you start the car. People with EMF sensitivity ( or EHS) can be affected by such changes.

Vehicle relay switches

Most of the operations in a car will make relay switches ignite, such as when you flip the left or right turn signal, turn on hazard lights, or press the brake pedal.

When the relay switches ignite, they produce magnetic field radiation.

Vehicle computer systems

All computer systems inside a car produce varying amounts of radiation; this includes engine compartment computers and the onboarding computers which control the vehicle’s media system.


A car’s alternator is among the primary sources of EMF production. Majorly found at the far end of the engine compartment, an alternator will generate EMF radiation and dirty electricity when it alters electrical waves to suit your vehicle’s needs.

Start systems and keyless entry systems. 

Most new cars in the market don’t require a key to open the doors. Instead, they rely on radio signals from the control key and a button to start the car. 

There are even more advanced systems that utilize both Bluetooth and radio waves to function correctly, and they also produce EMF radiation.

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On board WI-FI

Currently, most vehicles come with built-in WiFi routers so that people can stay connected without relying on cell towers. 

The WIFI produces high amounts of EMF radiation nearby, which can be extremely harmful, especially to people with EMF sensitivity.

Alarm systems

All vehicle alarm systems use radio waves to function, producing EMFs.

Although most of the parts above create a little radiation, the cumulative impact can be harmful, especially when you consider that cars are made of metal, which amplifies the effects of radiation.

How to reduce EMF radiation in your car

Make the car an electronic-free zone.

Understandably, it’s easy to pass the time using electrical devices while on a lengthy road trip. 

However, there are plenty of exciting and healthy ways to kill time without staring at computer screens; these include reading books, playing games, or even sleeping.

Keep your phone in airplane mode.

Phones can expose you to heightened amounts of EMFs, especially while in a car, and they may distract the driver. If you want to use navigation, it can still work while the phone is in airplane mode.

If you have to make a call, stopping and getting out of the car is preferable. Alternatively, you can hold the phone close to the car window while it’s closed or open. Doing so improves the phone’s reception and mitigates EMF exposure.

For music lovers, download the songs and connect the phone to the vehicle via audio cable instead of Bluetooth. But if you use Bluetooth, keep the device at least a foot away from your body.

In addition, it’s better to turn off your car’s front speakers and have music playing only from the back speakers.

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Wear EMF protection clothing.

EMF clothing will help to protect you effectively from the radiation present in the car.

Leverage the power of quantum energy.

Finally, let’s talk about quantum energy as a solution for protecting against EMF radiation while driving. Quantum energy is the energy of matter and the forces that hold it together. It has been shown to have a positive effect on the body’s natural energy field, which can help protect against EMF radiation. 

Quantum Upgrade can provide you with steady and unlimited amounts of quantum energy, applicable in neutralizing and harmonizing EMFs and creating an energetic and positive environment in your car.

Turn off all electrical systems not in use.

Consider turning off any computer system in the car that you aren’t using, more so the onboard computer that controls media operation.


It’s practically impossible to eradicate EMFs in cars completely; however, using the steps above, you can lessen your exposure and stay safe while on the go. Implement them today to experience a positive change.