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Nurturing Your Inner Abundance Through Enhanced Psychic Skills

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People have often been intensely suspicious or even pretty negative about psychic phenomena. The recent Max documentary Call Me Miss Cleo profiled the life of Youree Dell Harris, the now infamous Miss Cleo, who became the face of fake psychics. Her infamous, “Call Me Now” catchphrase became a way to mock and dismiss actual psychic abilities. And yet, we cannot deny the existence of heightened intuition. 

People may seek psychedelics, advanced meditation practices, or even cleaner diets to enhance their psychic ability but can you really train yourself to develop psychic abilities? Can you train psychic abilities like learning a language or a new skill? Are there ways to enhance your psychic ability? At first, it may seem like the realm of the supernatural and yet as we become more aware of our energy and vibrations many of these supernatural ideas are more readily explained. 

Can you find greater abundance by enhancing your own innate intuitive abilities? How about healing emotional trauma and being able to help people around you with deeper insights and greater emotional awareness? As we evolve as a species, what often seemed like the work of fortune tellers and charlatans is finding more grounding in our ability to connect to a higher level of awareness. 

Psychic Phenomena: A Very Brief History

People have questioned psychic ability for centuries. As far back as 1853, chemist Robert Hare conducted experiments with mediums which launched an interest in the spiritual and his inevitable writing of Experimental Investigation of the Spirit Manifestations (1855)

In the 1930s, Duke University botanist J.B. Rhine coined the phrase extra sensory perception or ESP. He also began using the term parapsychology. He created experiments to test for different psychic abilities. For example, the creation of Zenner cards where a guesser tries to guess the symbol on a card either by reading someone’s mind or remotely viewing the card. 

The general premise that some people have a more heightened awareness of the world beyond day-to-day interactions is not that hard to believe. Mediums can speak to the dead or spirit guides like John Edward and television personality the Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo

People like Esther Hicks can channel entitles like Abraham Hicks or Sheila Gillette is known to be a conduit to the collection of angels known as Theo. Not to mention as far back as the 1500s Nostradamus famously wrote a collection of predictions that have been examined and studied for centuries. 

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Grounded in Science?  

It doesn’t take a die-hard pragmatist to be somewhat suspicious of psychic ability. Meanwhile, there is still an advancing understanding into how advanced human intuition can exhibit itself. For example, social scientists point to four different types of intuition

  • Expert intuition based on your previous experience/skill set; 
  • Creative intuition based on a sense of direction for a novel solution;
  • Social intuition based on a sense of interpersonal relationships;
  • Temporal intuition is based on a sense of the timing being right to create or capture an opportunity.

One study into the neurological makeup of mediums found that while their dissociative states may mirror people with mental illness, mediums actually had strong emotional regulation skills and their trances were deemed non-pathological dissociative phenomena.

The CIA even did advanced research to see if remote viewing was possible. Remote viewing is the ability to be able to see across distances. It’s unclear whether this is through intuition, clairvoyance, or astral projection. However, it was interesting enough for the Central Intelligence Agency to spend years studying the phenomenon. 

Manifesting 101

Can you train your psychic ability to make money? Can enhancing your psychic powers bring you greater manifestations? While many can equate psychic ability with the supernatural it does not function like magic. 

Honing your intuition can help you become more aligned with your goals. For example, let’s say you are trying to manifest a new home. A clearer third eye might ensure that you get the idea to check a certain website or speak to a certain realtor. 

All human beings have varying types of intelligence and intuition that sum up how our brains and energies work. By honing your intuition you can better set it towards what your goals and aspirations are. For example, if you want to expand your business the decision to manifest new clients might offer you a goal. Your intuition can play into daily subconscious reminders to reach out to new prospects, post about your business, and generally remain focused on finding those new clients.

Sadly, we tend to demonize or fantasticize intuition rather than adequately study it. However, more scientists are intrigued by the true limits of the human mind. The clearer your intuition the more readily you can find synchronicities and clearer messages for how to take your manifestations from goals or ideas into reality.

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It’s About the Vibes 

The higher your vibrational level the clearer your intuition can be. According to David Hawkins’s Map of Human Consciousness scale, certain higher vibrational emotions like Joy, Love, Acceptance and Enlightenment are more attuned to synchronicities and extraordinary outcomes. 

One way to boost your vibrational level and ensure you remain at this higher level to hone your intuition is with Quantum Upgrade. Quantum Upgrade allows you to get an infusion of pure quantum energy. This can help you maintain a fixed vibrational level that can help you better access your intuitive gifts and maintain a greater energy level for your well-being.

Additionally, many strategies to raise your vibration like clean and raw diets, connecting with nature, using healing crystals and reiki or energy work, have also been connected to strengthening your intuition. 


There was a time when cell phones and the Internet may have seemed magical. Now that we are all exploring spirituality, our connection to our energy, and advancing human potential, it’s no surprise that more people will be intrigued to push their psychic skills.   

Like any skill or part of our body, it is only through practice, flexing, exploring, and experimentation that you can advance your psychic ability. A greater sense of intuition can help you better maintain a natural abundance because rather than being led by fear or scarcity you’re led by abundance. 

While to some it may seem silly, a greater understanding of your intuition will only help you with life. Our brains are more advanced than even we can grasp and the more thoroughly you are connected with yourself the more your thoughts, choices, and actions are all in alignment with your highest future and best intentions.