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Frequency 101: How Does Your Frequency Level Affect You?

Understanding the Hawkins Scale to Understand Your Vibrational Level 

People are becoming much more aware of the concept of being “high vibrational.” We are becoming more mindful of the things that can impact our energy levels. Certain emotions, places, interactions and even people can drag down our energy. The reason: they’re taking us to a lower vibrational state. 

Imagine if all of your emotions corresponded to different levels of energy. Well that’s the exact concept David R. Hawkins introduced when he created the Hawkins scale. 

Who was Dr. David R. Hawkins?

David R. Hawkins was a gifted doctor and scientist. In 1973 he co-authored the groundbreaking work Orthomolecular Psychiatry with Nobel Laureate chemist Linus Pauling and created a whole new field within psychiatry. 

He oversaw the largest clinical practice in the United States while he was the Medical Director of the North Nassau Mental Health Center (1956–1980) and the Director of Research at Brunswick Hospital (1968–1979).

In his book, Power vs. Force: The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior, Hawkins introduced the idea of the map of consciousness which is commonly known as the Hawkins scale. 

With The Map of Consciousness Explained: A Proven Energy Scale to Actualize Your Ultimate Potential, Hawkins mapped out the energetic potential of different emotions. He found some emotions gave us access to more energy or a higher energetic level while other emotions tended to exist at the bottom of his scale and tended to leave us with lower energy or drained. 

While not everyone is an expert on physics, we can all understand the concept that we are all energy. What’s so interesting about Dr. Hawkins scale is that it outlines how much of our energy we might have access to if we exist at certain emotional states. That also brings with it the opportunity for us to learn from and change that. 

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What Is the Hawkins Scale?

In Hawkins Map of Consciousness, he created a scale ranging from 0 to 1000.  0 represents the lowest level of consciousness, with a lot of heavier or darker emotions like shame (20), guilt (30), and fear (100) rounding out the lower emotions. 

The scale continues to chart the energetic frequency of other emotions as it progresses. The higher their number the more energy they essentially give you access to. For example, anger (150) ranks higher than fear and shame because it can be enlivening. 

Neutrality (250), acceptance (350), and love (500) progress to the highest level of emotions. Joy (540), peace (600), and then enlightenment runs from 700-1000. The general idea being that from your search for enlightenment or your spiritual awakening can progress throughout those higher energetic levels.

Some Leela Quantum Tech products and Quantum Upgrade services can be calibrated at even higher levels than 1,000. When Hawkins first wrote his books and set up the scale, it wasn’t yet possible on the Earth for any living being or physical object to vibrate at higher levels than 1,000. So he couldn’t test beyond that level at that time. 

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The Earth’s energy and consciousness level has significantly shifted since then, which has paved the way for an increased level of consciousness and higher vibrations. As a matter of fact, the technology used by Leela Quantum Tech calibrates at over 2,200 on the Hawkins Scale. And we know we’ll be able to increase that over time as needed.

Hawkins was able to discern that our emotions don’t come from within us. We think, oh there’s an emotion and it came from our brains. Instead, he suggests, “The relationship between our brains and our thoughts is more like a  “transistor radio and the radio frequencies it picks up and converts into audio signals that we can hear. Our brains “pick up” energies in the field of consciousness and “convert” it into what we experience as thinking.”

This is what makes the Hawkins scale so fascinating. We can have whatever thoughts we think but the emotional significance we give them can depend on the frequency we are on. If you’re dealing with a heavier emotion or around someone who is dealing with a heavier emotion, it can drag down your frequency and by virtue affect your thoughts. 

Do you know people hardwired for anger, how about your Debbie Downer friends? The reason may be that their emotional state is trapped at a lower vibrational frequency. At that frequency, they can continue to look at emotions through that lens. The key is how you can raise your vibrational frequency to shift your emotional state.

Emotions are electric impulses that influence our body to make changes. Crying, running, or yelling can be the simple actions we are inspired to do by some emotional impulses. But what can we do to shift our entire emotional frequency? If you are trapped in grief or apathy or anger how can you get out? 

How Can the Hawkins Scale Help Us Emotionally?

One vital concept that the Hawkins scale can give us is the energetic potential of our emotional states. It provides us with a clearer understanding of the stakes of dwelling with certain emotions.  

If you are in despair, you are vibrating at a lower frequency and potentially attracting more negative interactions. Or what’s more likely, you may not even see good opportunities because everything is seen through the lens of despair. 

This is often why we’re told to look for what you’re grateful for or remind yourself of people you love. This literally helps us shift to a higher vibrational frequency of gratitude or love.  While this does not eliminate negative emotions it keeps us from focusing on a mindset that doesn’t suit us. 

Using the Hawkins scale we can better maintain our emotional state. It creates a paradigm where we can look not just at our mindset but also our energy level. By examining these factors we can strategize to shift our thoughts, shift the emotional lens, or even just try to shift our energy. 

One way to amplify your energy is with pure quantum energy. Quantum Upgrade allows you to receive pure quantum energy which can help amplify your emotional state. It surrounds you with a field of pure quantum energy which helps raise your vibrational level. 

The higher your vibrational level the more you can seek out higher emotional states like joy, peace, or enlightenment. This can help you continue to seek out greater enlightenment and emotional evolution. 


Certain emotions can drag us down our energy or even obliterate our moods. Thanks to the Hawkins scale we can examine how different emotions operate at different wavelengths. By seeking out higher emotional states we can not only work our way out of emotional traps we can unlock some of our energy that’s being colonized by negative emotions. 

We are all seeking higher vibrational living to have more energy and vitality. By looking at emotions that vibrate at the highest frequency, we can look at how we manage not just our emotions but our energy. By seeking out a higher frequency we can give ourselves grace for how we feel while also stepping it up to feel better.