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Below view of a young athlete at pole vault competition.

Carson Waters: Beyond the Pole Vault

When we hear the term “pole vaulter”, we imagine athletes soaring to great heights, pushing their physical boundaries, and breaking records. But there’s always more than meets the eye. Carson Waters, an established pole vaulter, is not just about achieving athletic glory; he’s a tapestry of passions and experiences that redefine the traditional athlete persona.

The Quantum Advantage

To many, pole vaulting might seem solely a test of physical prowess. But ask any athlete, and they’ll tell you: it’s as much a mental game. Waters uses Quantum Upgrade subscription and the H.E.A.L.® Capsule and Infinity Bloc from Leela Quantum Tech, which he feels amplifies his competitive edge.

Carson shared, “During competitions, I primarily use Quantum Upgrade. By setting the Hawkins Scale to 1400, I’ve sensed a marked expansion of oneness within. Moments of gratitude come naturally, there’s a newfound confidence in my capabilities, and accepting setbacks becomes second nature.” This mental fortification, powered by technology, hints at the sport’s evolving dynamics and Carson’s progressive approach.

Carson Waters

Credit: Men’s Track and Field

Carson’s perspective on the synergy between the mind and body is profound. “Both need to harmoniously resonate for peak performance,” he explains. The protection and healing from physical repercussions of EMFs and non-structured water, thanks to his trusted Quantum products, enrich his mental canvas, ensuring he’s as agile in thought as he is on the pole vault track.

A Seeker Beyond the Sport

Carson Waters isn’t just defined by his pole vaulting credentials. He’s a “seeker of wonder and immortality”. This statement, poetic in its essence, reveals a man deeply enamoured with life’s intricacies. His eyes light up when he speaks of different cultures, the allure of foreign languages, and the unquenchable thirst for learning.

Carson’s academic background in Sport Psychology isn’t a career choice but rather a treasure trove of concepts he employs daily. It’s not about using his degree in traditional settings, but about integrating those teachings into his life, making every moment a study of the mind and its limitless potential.

Carson Waters


Vaulting to Glory

Carson’s pole vaulting resume reads like a young legend in the making. Currently ranked 54th globally and 14th in the US, with a personal best of 5.71 meters, he’s a force to reckon with. Eleven years into the sport, four of which are professional, he’s been sculpted under the watchful eyes of coaches Daniel Ryland and Sam Bell.

Despite his impressive global standings, Carson’s humility shines through. He speaks fondly of his associations with Ryland Pole Vault and Bell Athletics, and his adventures representing Team USA, especially during “The Match” in Belarus against Europe. His journey in the National Championships is testament to his grit, with placements like 10th, 6th, and 6th. And yet, it’s his near-Olympian story that tugs at the heartstrings. Carson missed out narrowly, securing the 11th position in the Olympic trials finals. But in his characteristic optimism, he promises, “Maybe next time!”

As he vaults from one country to another, from Europe to South America and Asia, his journey is not just about breaking records but about breaking barriers, understanding diverse cultures, and leaving an indelible mark.

Looking Ahead

Carson’s story is a beautiful blend of athleticism, intellectualism, and connection to much bigger. It tells us that an athlete is not just a medal winner but also a storyteller, a cultural ambassador, a student of life.

As Carson prepares for his next competition, armed with his Quantum tools and unwavering spirit, he leaves us with a thought – it’s not about how high you soar, but how deep you delve into life’s mysteries. And as fans and fellow seekers, we can’t wait to see where his next leap takes him.