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Biohacking and EMF: Optimizing Your Health in a High-Tech World

Biohacking in a High-Tech World

Over the last few decades, the phrase “biohacking” has quickly gained traction among the masses. Fitness fans, high performers, and health experts have all jumped on the bandwagon, intending to improve their health using a new measurable, data-driven way.

Below we define biohacking and look at some of its fundamentals that will help optimize your health in a high-tech world.

What is biohacking?

Biohacking is using scientific interventions to improve one’s health throughout their lifespan. 

Some experts define biohacking as a personalized system that requires data collection and self-experimentation. It’s critical to note that biohacking doesn’t entail following the latest trends.

Fundamentals of biohacking

For biohacking to be effective, these fundamentals have to be in place.


Getting quality sleep is essential for optimal health and, consequently, longevity. While sleeping, the body regenerates, detoxifies, rebuilds, and restores muscles worn out during the day.

However, nowadays, most people struggle to sleep due to the increased use of technology, which interferes with our natural biological clock (circadian rhythm). 

Research has found that blue light and electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) from devices like phones and computers mess with melatonin—a sleep hormone disrupting normal sleep and wake-up cycle.

Many of the chronic health issues people are sometimes linked to going to bed late and waking up early, as you have less restore and repair time.

Studies indicate that we spend up to a third of our lives asleep, so you must optimize your sleep to achieve quality health.

Woman Sleeping on a Bed
© cottonbro studio via Pexels
Biohacks to enhance sleep
  • Turn off all electronics and screens at least an hour before bed
  • Unplug Wifi while sleeping
  • Place your bed away from the wall so the house electricity doesn’t stimulate you.
  • Invest in a quality bed and mattress
  • Declutter your bedroom 


For all the cells in your body to function correctly, they require sufficient hydration. Unfortunately, many of us drink little amounts of water and are dehydrated.

Also, there is a massive difference between hydrating and drinking; consuming eight or seven glasses of water daily doesn’t mean you’re hydrating. To effectively hydrate, you should consume water with minimal contaminants and plenty of minerals.

Sadly, most water sources like bottled, tap, and filtered water may have little minerals forcing you to drink more to get the required minerals. Doing so causes a vicious cycle of taking more water and peeing more. You can even wake up at night to pee, which will interfere with your sleep.

Biohacks to stay hydrated
  • Drink mineralized water, and add a little Celtic sea salt ( it has 78 trace minerals and elements).
  • Use quality water filters or water purifiers to clear all the contaminants in tap water.
  • Structure your water with a Quantum Water Bottle, approved by the Emoto Institute.
Diverse Athletic Couple Exercising Outdoors
© Crystal Sing via corelens

Movement and exercise

One of the most significant differences between our forefathers and us is the type and amount of movement we do daily. Although our priorities and lifestyles aren’t like those of people a century ago, what has remained constant is the need for regular exercise.

Numerous studies show that following a sedentary lifestyle is among the major causes of early death. Your lymphatic system requires regular stimulation, which you can achieve through exercise. In addition, exercise helps to challenge the heart so it remains healthy.

Our forefathers used their minds less and bodies more, whereas we used our minds more, leading to obesity and other issues. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to introduce exercise into your life.

Biohacks for effective exercise
  • Follow a daily workout routine encompassing push-ups, walks, squats, etc.
  • Reduce time spent sitting by taking regular breaks or using a standing desk.

Individualized nutrition

What you eat determines how well your body functions. So to stay healthy, you must reassess your mindset and relationship with food. Start eating to gain nutrients and energy instead of only focusing on satiation and enjoyment.

Biohacks for better nutrition
  • Always eat a balanced diet containing all the essential nutrients like proteins, vitamins, and carbohydrates.
  • Avoid eating large amounts of food as it will strain your digestive system.
  • Use digestive enzymes to improve detoxification.
  • Reduce junk and processed foods; they have minimal benefits to the body. Replace them with home-cooked meals.


Implement the above hacks, and you will notice immense energy and overall appearance improvements in a few months. 

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