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Are EMFs Hurting Your Pets?

EMF Protection For Home & How Are Your Devices Affecting Your Pets?

EMFs have become a necessary evil in our society. Our reliance on technology and need for screen time has made us reliant on electricity. Our devices emit EMFs, the electromagnetic fields we cannot see but can often feel their negative impact. This is why EMF protection for home is necessary. EMFs can cause mood imbalances and severe reactions, some studies have even linked EMFs to cancer. How are these EMFs affecting your pets? 

Animals have a different physiology. Their smaller size can mean they are more heavily impacted by environmental factors we take for granted. Pet owners might miss the fact their animals are spending most of their day near large electronic devices, or how having your pet’s bed or toys near a modem or television might negatively impact their overall health. 

This post will outline the specific risks your pets face from your devices and some tips for protecting your fur babies from EMFs.

What are EMFs?

EMFs are the fields that naturally surround our devices. We also have 4G, 5G, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and countless other ways our devices interact with each other. The electromagnetic fields that surround our devices combined with these other forms of radiation and wavelengths interact with our bodies and not always for the better. 

The issue is these devices can release free radicals into the air. Free radicals are atoms whose structure is missing one electron. Their “hunger” for electrons can put living cells under oxidative stress. Our bodies are triggered by these free radicals trying to steal electrons. 

Oxidative stress is what causes our bodies to age. These free radicals can cause premature aging or the development of diseases like cancer. Additionally, these frequencies can interrupt our cellular health. 

Our cells can interpret these electronic signals as attacks which can cause our cells to lockdown. As our cells seek to protect themselves from outside energy, this can limit their ability to absorb nutrients, expel waste, or properly replicate. For animals this can happen on a larger scale given their smaller bodies.

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How Bad Are EMFs For Pets?

There’s a fair amount of controversy about how devices affect the human body. There are various government regulations to maintain healthy levels;however, the thresholds for these are based on studies of human bodies and can ignore animal life. 

The World Health Organization International Agency for Research on Cancer classified radio frequency radiation as a possible carcinogen in 2011, and as a probable carcinogen in 2013. Pets have smaller bodies than humans so they are more susceptible and likely to be more greatly affected by these forces. 

A 1995 study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology demonstrated residential exposure to EMFs led to an 80% increased risk of canine lymphoma in pet dogs. Animal studies of EMFs have also revealed EMFs can impact the brains of rabbits as well as behavioral changes, effects on sleep and impact energy levels. 

One study into the health impacts of pet tracking devices found that not only those devices but even regular household items can impact animal health. The scientists reported:

“Even though the total RF-EMF exposure level experienced by pets was found to be below the reference [legally allowable] limits, recommendations were derived to reduce potential risks from exposure to [tracking devices] TDs and indoor devices.”

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How to Protect Your Pets from EMFs?

It’s clear that whenever possible we must protect our pets from radio frequencies, EMFs, and other ambient radiation. One thing to consider is not implanting pets with trackable devices. While these chips can be helpful in finding lost pets, it does mean your pet is constantly exposed to the EMF of the device. 

Your pets have their own living and play spaces. While you love to spend quality time with your pets, it’s best to set up these spaces away from major electronic devices like air conditioners, televisions, desktop computers, and modems. Modems can be best placed in closets or rooms where people don’t spend a lot of time to avoid exposure. 

In addition, you may want to avoid having your pets play or spend a lot of time in offices which are full of electronic devices with EMFs and other frequencies. A good rule of thumb is to keep pets about 12-20″ away from these devices. 

Another way to protect from EMFs is to neutralize them with the pure and powerful quantum energy. Quantum upgrade creates a third-party tested quantum energy field that not only neutralizes EMFs but can help increase the vitality and overall well being  of your pet. 

Picture a private energy field for your pet that ensures they’re surrounded by the highest quality quantum energy. This quantum energy will neutralize the effects of EMFs around your pet’s body without impacting any of your technology. 


EMFs are a mild concern for human beings. We’re not as cognizant of how our devices can be exposing us to electromagnetic radiation. It can seem like a negligible amount so it’s not a major health concern but our pets have smaller bodies and greater sensitivities. 

In the same way you’d protect your pet from excessively hot weather or substances that might make them sick, keeping your pets away from screens and major electronic devices can protect their delicate bodies from energies, frequencies, and radiations that can cause illness. 

Again, EMFs are a part of our society. A little care can go a long way in protecting the vitality and health of your pets by limiting their exposure and keeping them happy and healthy.