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The Comprehensive Guide to EMF Protection

We are surrounded by electronics all day: phones, wearable fitness devices, computers, televisions, and more. While it’s great to have the world essentially at your fingertips, this isn’t always ideal. We have all the sites, apps, and content we are addicted to readily available, but the pitfall is that these devices create ambient radiation that can take undetermined tolls on our bodies.

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How Bad Are EMFs?

While the World Health Organization is still on the fence about the full impact of EMFs on our health, they do acknowledge that EMFs can impact body functions and internal electrical impulses, which can affect our body functions.

There is an International EMF Project to stay abreast of the impact on EMFs on our health. In Europe, OSHA, via their EMF Directive, requires companies to test and regulate EMF levels for workers. In America, the CDC acknowledges studies that report small increases in the rate of leukemia or brain cancer in groups of people living or working in high magnetic fields and preliminary studies that associate workplace EMFs with breast cancer and occupational EMF exposure to Alzheimer’s disease.

Many of these studies and regulations are not particularly up to date and we’ve only increased the prominence of more electronic devices and other forms of ambient radiation like wi-fi, Bluetooth, and 5G. 

This isn’t something to fixate on or worry too much about so pause before you go to WebMD and freak out about your health. There is also testing on specific devices to ensure they don’t cause direct health issues. 

One thing to concern yourself with is the sum of all of our devices increasing our exposure, and, potentially, the risk of what might exceed healthy levels of exposure. There hasn’t been sufficient testing into how much EMF exposure and the aggregate of all of the EMFs of our various devices. 

Again, while these levels of radiation may be manageable, there is something to be said for not being exposed at all. This comprehensive guide will not only give you valuable tips and tricks to protect yourself from EMFs, minimize EMFs exposure and help you have a healthier relationship with the electronic devices in your life. 

Take Breaks

We are constantly plugged in which can become addictive. Taking time away from our screens and devices can be challenging but when we do, it can help us decrease EMF exposure. 

Whenever you’re faced with big uploads or downloads, it’s also a great idea to step away from your devices as it can be using more wireless radiation to transmit large amounts of data. 

If you use the 20-20-20 rule to prevent eye strain which is every 20 minutes looking at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds, you can also incorporate a habit of separating yourself from devices every 20 minutes to an hour to give your body a break. 

Also, establish areas in your home or workspace that have no EMFs. Not only will this create a space for your cells to rest from the barrage of ambient EMFs it also allows your cells time to recuperate. Speaking of…

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Sleep Tech-Free 

We spend ⅓ of our lives sleeping or pursuing sleep. If you eliminate EMF exposure while you sleep by removing major electronic devices or not sleeping near your phone you can create a major impact in reducing EMF exposure. 

Our bodies need sleep. It’s a time for our body to heal and restore. Eliminating the proximity of electronic devices in your sleep space can ensure that you have a healthy amount of time away from EMFs. 

By eliminating EMF exposure for that time we not only help your body but can reduce your screen time. Taking 30-60 minutes to be without screens before bed helps ensure you have a healthier sleep and is beneficial for your overall health.

Prioritize Wired Connections 

Using devices with cords and a traditional electric current instead of cordless or wireless devices can help keep ambient EMF pollution to a minimum. Again, there’s no way to live completely EMF-free unless you live off the grid. However, by choosing some lo-fi options you help decrease the load of EMFs you take on a regular basis. 

Traditional headphones, non-Internet-accessible devices and having your computer hardwired to your modem can help decrease the amount of EMF exposure you face day-to-day.

Turn Off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth & Location Services

There are countless settings on our devices that we often ignore. If your cellphone has Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 5G and Location services turned on when you are not using them it means a lot of radiation coming from your phone. 

Turning off wi-fi routers when they’re not in use will not only save you a couple of bucks on electricity, it also ensures that you do not have a major source of EMFs actively broadcasting low level radiation throughout your home or office. 

This also helps you establish some boundaries by not being readily internet accessible all day which can help you create healthy boundaries with coworkers, apps and websites, and your phone. Speaking of…

Create Healthy Boundaries With Your Phone

Let’s face it. We are hooked on our devices. We check texts, notifications, and emails all day. However, the more distance you put between you and your phone may be just as important to your physical health as it is to your mental and emotional health. 

Be sure to not keep phones in your pocket and instead opt to keep it in a bag, purse, or jacket pocket. By creating more distance from your phone and your body you help mitigate some of the potential toll of EMFs.

It never hurts to take a break from your phone by turning on Airplane mode to eliminate some of 5G exposure and give yourself and your phone time to rest. 

Speaking of rest, keeping your phone out of the room when you sleep, can be great for not just your physical health but also your peace of mind.

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Spend Time Offline  

We have a million reasons to be “plugged in” work, social media, research, and contacting family and friends. By actively planning time periods where you cut yourself off from electrical devices can be so restorative. 

Spending time in nature can also be particularly grounding for your body and great for your physical, mental, and emotional health. The barrage of EMFs and information from our devices can leave us in a heightened state of arousal. Taking time to unplug and connect to nature can help us reset, rest, and recuperate. 

Neutralize EMFs

Quantum Upgrade provides you with quantum energy sent directly to a fixed space that could be to you, your living space, and even your pets. A study out of the BESA Institute in Austria

used darkfield microscopy to examine the effects of not just EMFs but of how Quantum Upgrade was able to help neutralize the effect on your living blood cells. 

Again, while we don’t all need to rush to fear about EMFs with cancer cases projected to reach 2 million new cancer cases in 2024, according to the American Cancer Society every little bit can help. 


Thankfully, EMFs are not at the level that they should be a major health concern, however, we are entering uncharted waters as we increase our Internet accessibility and expand to 5G and create more Bluetooth-accessible devices. 

The increase not just in prominence but the sheer numbers of these devices can increase EMF exposure en masse so by taking a few little steps in your daily life you can mitigate the impact that this exposure can have on you. 

A little time away from devices is great, grounding, and can help reduce the potential toll EMFs can have on your overall health. Not to mention, it can help you reduce an unhealthy reliance on screen time and your devices for distraction and entertainment.