Source Frequency Bundle

From: $10.00 / month

Note: The frequency bundle is only available for current subscribers since it includes add-on features for the Quantum Upgrade services.

  • Primal Source Frequency
  • Happiness Frequency
  • Focus Frequency
  • Protection Frequency
  • Olympic Performance Frequency
  • Select Any Frequency At Any Time

what to expect from

Source Frequency Bundle

The Primal Source Frequency – the energy frequency designed to connect you deeper with source because it IS the primal source frequency! If you’ve been looking for a way to connect with something greater than your physical 3-D self, then, this can truly elevate your state of being and being connected.

Its unique design integrates a powerful vibration that leads directly back to the primal source – the origin of all energy. This frequency can help you bridge the gap between the physical realm and your highest potential, allowing you to access the limitless possibilities within yourself. As a result, you can develop true clarity and experience genuine well-being.

The Primal Source Frequency’s ability to connect with higher powers rejuvenates the body on an energetic level so that your physical form works in harmony with your spiritual self. You may notice stronger vitality support, deeper connections with others, improved focus on goals that are aligned with your soul plan, enhanced creativity, and much more.

Experience greater peace and expansion within yourself by tuning into the vibrations of Primal Source Frequency.

The Happiness Frequency works by connecting with your body’s energy system and helping it realign itself with its natural frequency of joy and contentment. To use the frequency, simply put it in your pocket, hold it close to your body, or you can keep it near your chest while focusing on something positive or peaceful. You can also focus on a particular emotion or state of mind that brings you joy. As you do this, allow yourself to fully absorb the feelings associated with this emotion or state of mind as they resonate through your body. 

The more time you spend in this practice, the easier it will become for your body to remain connected with its natural frequency of joy and contentment – even when external influences attempt to disrupt it. 

The Focus Frequency has been developed to energetically offer support in various aspects to be more present in the body, to be able to shift better from “fog” to clarity and to help with focus in general. This frequency can be used for many different reasons, and it’s been reported by many customers as very positive and helpful.

The Multidimensional Protection Frequency—an addition to your well-being and self-care arsenal that was developed based on steady customer requests. The “Multidimensional Protection Frequency” is your ultimate transformation shield regarding any form of “dark” energy. This frequency is designed to help you not be negatively impacted by any sort of low-vibrational energies – whether it be “entities”, thought forms or low vibrational energy waves. This innovative modern solution ensures you’re aligned with your inner power and sort of have an energy bubble around you that transforms or simply mirrors away destructive energetic forces that aren’t beneficial to you.

Low-vibrational energies are always around us—they exist in some corners of our everyday lives, impacting our personal surroundings with the potential for harm. The ultimate truth is that it is all one. But due to the nature of polarity in our reality and the fact that most humans haven’t transformed or accepted/integrated most of their shadows yet, this frequency comes inhandy for anyone that needs support on that level. 

The Olympic Performance Frequency — Boost Your Performance and Stay Youthful with the Olympic Performance Frequency!

The Olympic Performance frequency supports antioxidant protection to the mitochondria – the powerhouse of your cells. This not only keeps your cells youthful but supercharges their performance. All cells are also provided with the signal of happiness which is important for optimal holistic cell performance.

The Olympic Performance frequency also supports an increase in ATP levels, ensuring minimal energy loss and setting the stage for peak ATP synthesis, muscle performance, and recovery.


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The Quantum Upgrade boost helps me with gluten digestion if I'm out and didn't bring a block with me to charge food. I'll give myself a boost right when I eat...thankful to have heard this tip somewhere! Gives more freedom and peace of mind.