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Quantum Energy Field Bundle 6

From: $95.00 / month

You can pick any combination of six Quantum Upgrade services.
– Harmonize and boost the Energy
– Neutralize Negative Frequencies
– Harmonize and Neutralize EMFs
– Support your Plants and/or Pets
– Attune Happiness
– High flexibility regarding Hawkins Scale values:
– Hawkins Value ranges 500 – 1100 (range 1000 – 1100 available after 90 and 150 days correspondingly)

You can change these values at any time.
– 30 min. Booster available for each day for each product of your bundle (Booster Range 1000 – 1400; the (ranges 1200, 1300, and 1400 available after 90, 150, and 180 days correspondingly)
– You can easily cancel before the end of the free trial in “My Account”, or by emailing
– You can easily cancel up to 3 days before the next payment date (either once per month or once per year, depending on your choice).


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Quantum Energy Field Bundle 6

The Quantum Energy Field Bundle 6 is the ultimate package for complete energy harmonization. You can choose any six services, allowing for full-spectrum coverage of all needs. 

This bundle is designed for those who leave no stone unturned in seeking the optimal energy environment. It provides an unparalleled level of customization and coverage, ensuring that every aspect of the user’s life is infused with positive, harmonized quantum energy. 

Whether it’s for the entire household, a range of personal interests, or a business environment, Bundle 6 caters to the most comprehensive and demanding of quantum energy needs.

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The Bundle 6 allows you to select any six services from our Quantum Upgrade offerings. This ultimate bundle is designed for maximum coverage and customization across all areas of your personal and environmental energy fields.

Bundle 6 is ideal for individuals or families looking for complete coverage in all areas of life, including personal well-being, pets, vehicles, homes, and businesses. It’s suited for those who want the full spectrum of harmonized energy services.

While each service operates with its own functionality and settings, they are all designed to be complementary. Ensure you’re setting each according to your daily routine and needs, and they will collectively contribute to a harmonized environment.


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I have been able to identify the emotional blocks that prevent me from becoming the person I aspire to be—an elevated version of myself characterized by a constant sense of peace and safety.
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I have been using Quantum Upgrade for 2 months, and I love it. I have a better social time during boosts. One drawback is that I experience a strong detox response, so I need to use activated charcoal daily after boosts.
Amada AR
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I have seen a positive change in my business with the Field for Business. I have noticed a shift in energy among the employees, and there has been an increase in revenue. I'm loving it!