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Gift Card 100

There’s nothing better than sharing love with people you care about. With a Quantum Upgrade gift card, you can do just that! Now you don’t have to worry about what to get your mom for her birthday or how to tell your best friend that you’re thinking about them when they go through a rough patch in their life. With a gift card from Quantum Upgrade, you can say it all without saying a word.


So go ahead and start spreading the love! Pick the delivery date so you’ll never miss the important date again and bring the healing power of pure quantum energy instantly!


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I have been able to identify the emotional blocks that prevent me from becoming the person I aspire to be—an elevated version of myself characterized by a constant sense of peace and safety.
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I have been using Quantum Upgrade for 2 months, and I love it. I have a better social time during boosts. One drawback is that I experience a strong detox response, so I need to use activated charcoal daily after boosts.
Amada AR
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I have seen a positive change in my business with the Field for Business. I have noticed a shift in energy among the employees, and there has been an increase in revenue. I'm loving it!