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Booster Bundle by K. Elmer

From: $10.00 / month

Note: The frequency bundle is only available for current subscribers since it includes add-on features for the Quantum Upgrade services.

  • Men’s Booster 
  • Women’s Booster 
  • Testosterone 
  • Seasonal Support
  • Inflammatory Support
  • Select Any Frequency At Any Time

what to expect from

Booster Bundle by K. Elmer

The Men’s Booster by K. Elmer is a frequency set from supplements. The main focus of these supplements are for men, especially middle-aged and older men who want to keep their brains sharp, immune systems strong, stress at bay and support anti-aging.

  1. Elmer has put together these boosters as a compilation of frequencies from supplements used to help everyone stay strong and healthy as they age. We have included frequencies from supplements that research has shown are beneficial for men’s health, but K. Elmer has also included a frequency from testosterone

Check out the list of supplements and vitamin frequencies used in this booklet.

The Women’s Booster by K. Elmer. Boost your natural energy with a daily dose of frequencies from supplements. K. Elmer made sure to include frequencies from the best supplements used for the needs of women across their lifespans. K. Elmer has created a set of frequencies from supplements that have been shown to support brain, immune, stress, and anti-aging health. For women, the supplements from which the frequencies are derived target the main focus middle-aged people and older have for their health: hormone regulation, hair, skin and nail health, and bone vitality.

Check out the list of supplements and vitamin frequencies used in this booklet.

The Testosterone Frequency. Some men struggle with too low testosterone levels, which can be caused by multiple reasons. Fortunately, K. Elmer created a special Testosterone Frequency set out of the best testosterone boosting nutrients and supplements that are available on the market. 

Check out the list of supplement frequencies used in this booklet.

The Seasonal Relief Booster may help people manage seasonal needs. K. Elmer combined frequencies from the most highly recommended supplements and elements into one molecular frequency set people can carry with them. Combined with the pure quantum energy power of this frequency, it has gained the support of our customers and helped them.

Check out the list of supplement frequencies used in this booklet.

The Inflammatory Support. Inflammation can be the body’s natural response to normal, everyday exposure to toxins, or physical over-exertion.. This powerful frequency is loaded with the molecular frequencies of specific vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that are commonly used to support an inflammation response to such normal day-to-day events. It is not intended to diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition. 

Check out the list of supplement frequencies used in this booklet.

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The Booster Bundle by K. Elmer is a set of frequency supplements designed to support various health and wellness goals for both men and women, focusing on areas such as testosterone levels, seasonal relief, and inflammatory support.

While you can use multiple frequencies, it’s often recommended to focus on one at a time to fully experience its benefits. 

To subscribe, purchase the Booster Bundle by K. Elmer. Once purchased, all included frequencies will be available in the ‘My Account’ section under the ‘Frequencies’ field of your subscriptions, ready for you to use as needed.


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