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How to Clean your Energy Field from External Factors

We bathe each day to clean our bodies. People meditate or journal to clear their heads. People go to therapy to release and process negative emotions. And yet, we don’t often consider how to keep our energy field clear. How do you clear yourself of bad energy?

As we all become more aware of energy as a society, it’s important to consider the things that can negatively impact it. Essentially, it’s a part of our energetic hygiene. In the same way you wash away dirt or bacteria, we must cleanse ourselves of the things that can sap, drain or distort our energy levels.

Certain emotions, habits, and behaviors can drag down your energy. Certain relationships can pull your focus and get you embroiled in drama, conflict, or depression. Trauma can live in the body and sometimes, being asked to process someone else’s trauma can negatively impact your emotional state or energy.

Dr. David Hawkins literally mapped out human consciousness creating an energetic roadmap for the vibrational level of certain emotions. Hawkins established an energy scale that highlighted how different emotional states and feelings corresponded to different levels of energy.

The higher the energetic level of certain emotions the “clearer” your energy is and ultimately the more you can achieve. Hawkins’s work outlined how certain emotional states can effectively leave us functioning at a lower energetic level. For example, anger and despair exist at a significantly lower vibrational level as joy and love. The solution is to eliminate negative energy.

This article includes a few different strategies to cleanse your energy, eliminate negative energy, and balance your energetic field or aura.


Smudge Kit with White Sage Stick, Abalone Sea Shell. Natural Elements for Cleansing Negative Energy
© Oksana Vejus Via Canva

Various First Nations and indigenous traditions include the act of smudging to clear your energetic field, different items, and even your home of negative energy. Using a bundle of herbs often white sage, mugwort, yerba santa, and cedar can help eliminate negative energy. 

By letting the smoke wash over you, an item, or throughout a room, you essentially reset their energy. The same is true for your aura. Whenever you find yourself engaging with a person with negative energy, or go to a place that leaves you with a strange vibe, or simply need an energetic reset, smudging can help.

Energy healers often use a seashell to hold and extinguish the bundle of herbs and a feather or fan made of feathers to help direct and spread the cleaning smoke. 

Additionally, smudge smoke has been found to be antibacterial, antimicrobial, can help reduce stress and even repel insects. 

Salt or Ritual Baths

Tray with bath bomb on tub
© Monstera Production by Pexels

Salt is naturally alkalizing and can help detoxify not just your body but your energy. Using a salt bath can cleanse your aura and energetic field. 

Salt is used in many ceremonies and by energy healers to help dispel negative energy. Energy healers will often use salt or salt-based crystals to neutralize any negative energy they release in sessions. 

The popular crystal Selenite is often used to cleanse your energetic space or charge other crystals. It’s formed from sea salt. 

Using salt in a bath is a relaxing way to reset your energy. If you’re not one to take baths, you can also use salt to scrub your body in the shower. You can also add other ceremonial herbs or oils like lavender, rosemary, or mint to this bath to help with this cleansing ritual. 

Not only can these ingredients help cleanse your aura, but the act of taking a ritual or ceremonial bath also resets your energy. During the ceremonial bath, you can more actively set your intention and shift your mindset to clear negativity and reclaim control over your energy.

Crystal Healing

Healing Crystals on Brown Background
© Neirfy via Canva

Certain crystals are known for their ability to neutralize, absorb, or reflect negative energy. Black stones like obsidian, shungite, and black tourmaline are popular for combating negative energies.  

Shungite is antimicrobial and can even filter water even from radioactive materials.  

  • Obsidian is a black glass made during volcanic eruptions. It offers grounding which can help protect you from the impact of negative energies. 
  • Selenite is a white or clear crystal made of gypsum that’s formed from old seasalt. It acts as a natural purifier and tends to be a lot of pure light energy which helps eliminate the weight of heavier or denser energies.  

You can wear a crystal as an energy protection necklace to help eliminate, absorb, or deflect negative energy. If you feel heavily impacted by something you can hold or meditate with crystals to release their hold on you.

Quantum Energy 

Sometimes the best way to eliminate negative energy is with pure positive energy. Rather than relying on multiple solutions you can use pure quantum energy to not only clear and protect your energy but to amplify it.

You can tune into the pure and dynamic quantum energy that sets up an energetic field around you. This energy will not only immediately eliminate negative energy it also will neutralize EMFs and naturally increase your vitality levels. 

Quantum energy is the energy of creation. You can get a monthly subscription that directly sends quantum energy directly to your body, home, and even your car. This pure energy can not only eliminate any drains, it gives you a natural boost. 

Intuition. A woman practicing mindfulness, reaffirming her inner strengths, using her intuition for guidance
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We are becoming more cognizant of our energy and how it can be affected by external factors. In the same way connecting with nature or spending time with loved ones can boost your energy, certain interactions, places, and actions can drain you. 

With these tips you can better release the hold that negativity can have on you across the board. By eliminating this negative energy you can regain control over how you want to feel and how you’d like your energy to present itself. This can help you direct it towards your goals and greatest happiness.