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Device Detox: Reducing EMF Loads in Your Personal Space

Is It Time To Treat Your Technology Addiction?

We are living in a time where we’re simultaneously debating the future of AI while also buying more elaborate electronic devices, cars, and even internet-accessible refrigerators?!? The question is how is all of this affecting our mental, emotional, and physical health? 

Bombarded by app notifications, reading vitriol online, and constantly being exposed to ambient radiation can all add up to a desperate need for a digital detox. Part of the survival of our species may require establishing healthy boundaries to address our reliance on technology. 

People can end up with exacerbated ADHD, an addiction to their devices, or worse physical health issues from constantly being exposed to and by essentially existing in the Venn diagram of EMFs and ambient radiation of all of their technology. 

Think about how quickly we can lose connection to key skills like remembering a word or doing simple math because we rush to Google it. How rarely do we know what time it is? Not to mention what is happening beyond the visual plain as our cells get constantly exposed to different wavelengths of radiation. 

In order to have a healthy relationship with anything, we do need to be able to spend time away. This post will offer some healthy tips and tricks to help you with Wi-Fi withdrawal, and digital detox and ensure that the various emissions of your devices don’t get you down energetically.

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The Perils of EMFs

Human beings have an energetic field and so does every single one of your devices. The EMFs of your devices can also emit varying levels of radiation. While many of the products in circulation have been cleared for their potential to impact your health, what many may miss is the combination of all of these devices at once can compound what can be thought of as minuscule effects. 

Sure an electronic car or a new iPhone can be tested for how likely those EMFs might be to impact your body. Think about how many active devices might be in your car at a given time or how often you’re on your phone while watching TV or on your laptop. 

EMFs found in radio and television stations and receivers, radar, computers, Wi-Fi antennas, mobile phones, microwave ovens, and many devices used in medicine and industry can impact the body in various ways. 

EMFs can cause damage to our DNA and affect cell function. The World Health Organization is keeping an eye on the potential impacts on your health caused by EMFs, including potential links to cancer, childhood leukemia, and even anxiety and depression. The non-ionizing radiation of EMFs is not as dangerous as ionizing radiation however it can increase your likelihood of cancer by reducing levels of the hormone melatonin which can suppress the development of certain tumors.

Luckily, there are strategies for how we can prevent the pull of EMFs and how they play out in our lives.

Creating Boundaries With The Power of Do Not Disturb

Our digital age has made us a bit too accessible. Why not try the Do Not Disturb function? Not only is this feature vital for ensuring you don’t get woken up from sleep by some rogue friend from college DMing you or some app sending you its umpteenth update. Do not disturb can help you start to set boundaries with your phone. 

How often do you see someone check their phone and instinctively reach for your own phone? We are getting way more codependent with our devices and a little break can go a long way. Not only does the do not disturb feature preserve your peace it also helps you cut through the clutter. 

Oftentimes, we can be so reactive in fight or flight mode or over-caffeinated that we aren’t actually or actively focused. We scroll through our phone and manically read emails and peek at texts. Do not disturb serves the vital function of cutting the cord that keeps us attached to our devices.

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Time and a Place for Your Device

The portability of our devices only exacerbates the need to be constantly plugged in. This not only keeps us from being connected to our bodies and hyperstimulated it also keeps us from focusing. By creating a set space to use your device whether at work, for doing art, or watching television it ensures that you give your body the muscle memory of focusing, more adequately engaging in what you’re doing and stay more connected to what you’re working on. 

This also helps by setting a space for when and how you use your device which can help cut down on your EMF load. For example, keeping your computer or tablet in one fixed area can ensure you only use it when you’re there. 

For a more lo-fi solution you can designate your phone live in a fixed location in your office, bedroom, or home so it’s not on you and impacting your energy and you establish some mental and emotional distance from your device. This also keeps those EMFs from your body. 


Turn Off Notifications & Delete Your Apps 

Part of what can be so invasive about our devices is that we install apps and then they default to sending us countless notifications. It’s an excuse to pull our focus and keep us “plugged in” this not only increases our exposure to EMFs but can make it challenging to get into a flow. 

By turning off notifications you ensure your apps don’t rob you of precious seconds to see unimportant messages. Also, by deleting apps you can help avoid the myriad of reasons why we’re attached to our devices. Take your power back! 

Neutralize EMFs

One way to reduce the toll of these ever-present EMFs is to neutralize them with a couple of different strategies. For fans of crystals, shungite is known to help eliminate the impact of EMFs on human beings and animals. A piece of shungite placed around your devices or even shungite plates in your phone case can help. 

One solution to EMFs is to harmonize them with quantum energy. Quantum Upgrade offers quantum energy subscriptions that create a quantum energy field in a fixed space. Quantum energy is known to harmonize EMFs around you which can help eliminate some of the toll on your body. 

Quantum energy has been shown to reverse some of the impact and denaturation of blood cells caused by Wi-Fi and EMF exposure. Quantum energy can also provide a boost to your energy and keep your vibrational level high. 


EMFs are a natural part of our new normal. There’s technology everywhere and the impact of the electromagnetic radiation of these devices can take their toll on human beings. A little digital detox, proper boundaries with your devices, and working to neutralize EMFs can all offer you a chance to protect your health, peace of mind, and focus.