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Cancellation Policy and Right of Cancellation

If you revoke a subscription, you have the following right of withdrawal:

 1.1. Right of withdrawal

 You have the right to withdraw from this contract within the free trial period (7 days or longer in the case of a special offer) without giving a reason. The test period is 7 days from the day the contract was concluded.

In order to exercise your right of withdrawal, you must inform Quantum Upgrade, LLC email: by means of a clear statement (e.g. email or contact form) of your decision to withdraw from the contract. Alternatively, you can cancel the subscription in your Quantum Upgrade Account online within the 7-day trial period (or longer if there is a special offer).

If you revoke the subscription without a trial period, there is no right of cancellation, but you have the right to cancel.

To meet the cancellation deadline, it is sufficient for you to send the communication regarding your exercise of the right of cancellation before the cancellation period has expired.

1.2. Consequences of revocation

If you cancel this contract within the first of the free trial period (e.g., 7 days), no payment will be taken from us. Should this nevertheless happen due to an email being delivered too late, we must refund this amount to you in full immediately within 14 days.